Thursday 2 April 2015

[RELOCATED] Ice Queen, Nitrogen Ice Cream

Ice Queen is a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor located along East Coast Road, opposite Chin Mee Chin Confectionery. 'Ice Queen' sounds similar to ice cream is what owner Ee-Lin came up with, that these will suit the taste buds of the 'queens'. I've seen a lot about them on IG and recently I finally visited Ice Queen.

Nitrogen ice cream is not commonly found in Singapore, except the more prominent ones like 320 below and Just Like It. Other than the cool smoke effect of the machine used, the main difference about liquid nitrogen to the normal ice cream is the process and ice cream texture produced. I personally feel it is smoother for nitrogen ice cream.

Apart from the single scoopers $4.90, we decided to try the unique creations which is priced at $6.50 per cup. We went ahead with some of the recommended ones like Mango Sticky Rice, Chendol, Death-By-Chocolate and Red Ruby.

Mango Sticky Rice - I would highly recommend this, it felt as though I was having the exact Thai dessert. The coconut sticky rice is at the bottom, it is then topped with mango and cream ice cream. A sweet and refreshing treat, such a great creation.

Chendol - This dish was definitely my favorite among the rest, being a fan of Chendol. The coconut cream and salted gula melaka were rich in flavour, as though I'm having the real thing but 'smoother' ice flakes. It is then topped with pandan jelly, red bean and attap seeds. Mad love this one.

Death-By-Chocolate - One of the intrigued looking item. The rich valrhona chocolate ice cream is topped with 'chocolate dirt' (Oreo crumbs) and finished off with a butter cookie which says RIP. I've to emphasize the rich valrhona chocolate is really rich, chocolate fanatic will love this.

Red Ruby - This Thai inspired dish was a random pick among us. The young coconut sorbet is paired with sweet red crunchy water chestnuts and coconut mochi. If I were to pick the exact dish and this, I would go for this without hesitation. You should know why, heh.

I personally fancy the texture of liquid nitrogen ice cream. They are packed with flavors, with no 'holes' or 'air' within the ice cream. The creations were unique rendition of local flavors and interesting to have, one can't resist walking pass the small shop where seats are now available to chill in. For now, Ice Queen seems to be the best of what East Coast has to offer when comes to ice cream.

Ice Queen
217 East Coast Road, Tides
#01-02 Singapore 428915
Tel: 6440 8098
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 12.30pm-10pm
Closed on Monday


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