Monday 30 March 2015

Habitat Coffee, Upper Thomson Road

Habitat Coffee is no stranger in the cafe hopping scene and is situated at Upper Thomson where most eateries are located at. Decided to drop by for coffee and brunch since their brunch menu is available till rather late at 530pm for weekdays. The menu is pretty much the same like the usual items for other cafes. 

That spread of cakes upon entering, how could one resist! Anyway, dining at Habitat is pretty straight forward - give your orders and pay at the cashier upon ordering.

I personally like the coffee here with a variety of flavoured caffeine. The coffee beans used here are Habitat's very own carpenter's blend, roasted weekly and locally.

The pricing at Habitat are still rather affordable with that variety. I was craving for some scrambled eggs that day so here's The Big Ben $14 which consist a bit of everything breakfast. It was overall average, the scramble eggs were disappointing though. The mini potato pancakes did make up for it.

Another brunch essential items, Eggs Benedict ($12). As usual, poached eggs & honey baked ham on sun-dried potato bread topped with homemade hollandaise sauce. Personally don't fancy the hollandaise sauce here as I've had better ones at Pacarama, few doors down.

Hello Truffle ($8), home seasoned truffle fries and dressed with fine grated parmesan. These fell short as the truffle infuse wasn't strong enough. I guess my top pick for truffle fries are those at Symmetry!

Habitat Fusion Tea, Lychee ($4.90) - Average.

During my first visit to Habitat, we only had desserts - Molten Lava Cake & Sticky Date Pudding.

Molten Lava Cake $6, we went ahead without ice cream since there's already ice cream in our sticky date pudding. Dessert goodness w chocolate flow but definitely not the best I had, I suggest you can skip this.

Heard the hype that the Sticky Date Pudding ($12) at Habitat is good so we decided to give it a try. It comes with a scoop of butterscotch and vanilla ice cream on the top. For the portion and affordable pricing, I would recommend this. Taste wise - it was pretty good with the dense texture. This is good for sharing!

Habitat is an ideal spot to chill over coffee and essential brunch items, but it can get pretty crowded during the weekends. Along the stretch of Upper Thomson were many cafes offering almost the same things so I guess it's about quality and ambience here. At habitat, some were above average while some fell short. I'll be back for coffee whereas for food I would probably have it elsewhere like Pacarama.

Habitat Coffee
233 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574355
Tel: 6456 2567
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri: 11am-1030pm
Sat-Sun: 1030am-1030pm
Closed on Monday


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