Monday 13 April 2015

The Burning Oak, Bedok Marketplace - Singapore

I haven't been to Simpang Bedok in the longest time and didn't even realized the Bedok Market Place has been renovated. I'm glad to have the privilege to attend a tasting session with The Burning Oak, which specializes in Japanese yakitori, bringing these innovative grills into the hawker scene. They uses binchotan, a charcoal made with Japanese oak to grill their meats.

The newly revamped Bedok Marketplace reflects a vintage concept, making it look like back in the 60s. It is almost similar to the food court concept at City Square Shopping Mall, if you get what I mean. Simpang is no longer just Prata or mee goreng but more than just that.

We kicked start the meal with a cocktail to whet one's appetite. Here's Sake Oishii, a combination of sake, ginger ale, lime and black olive powder sprinkled on the cup of the drink. I was rather disappointed with this as all I taste was a diluted lime juice. No doubt the ingredients were unique.

Some starters before moving on to the meat skewers, an eggy experience. Soft boiled egg with their special homemade black sauce. The sauce were slightly too salty if having it too much in one bite. 

Have the egg and flowy yolk with moderate black sauce in one mouth, no doubt it was good though some tuning needed to make it a perfect one.

Japanese Curry Risotto Balls, crisp on the surface and moist within. It was delightful, tasted similar to fried croquette. I suggest to have it while it's hot and just so you know you may want to have more than just one :P

Moving on to the meat skewers, a total of 5 kinds - Chicken Thigh, Pork Cheek (Premium), Pork Belly, Chicken Meatball and Wagyu Beef Short Ribs (Premium). The classic skewers are going at $1.50 (promotion price for their grand opening, usual $2) per stick for a limited time while the premium skewers goes at $5/$6. 

Chicken Thigh $2 - Probably a basic yet common yakitori - it's soft and tender whereas the marination was a tad too salty. But nevertheless, it's a good eat.

Pork Belly $2 (not in pic) - My least favourite among the rest of the sticks, it was tough and dry in the meat, probably with the lack of some fats. The capsicum pepper sauce accompanied didn't help much in the flavour.

Chicken MeatBall $2 - Was told by owner-chef Jeremy that he handmade the meatballs himself using minced thigh chicken meat. I personally like this, it's really soft in texture and well marinated. While some complained that it's too mushy within that it felt 'raw', while some prefer it to be harder. It's really subjective for this one.

Iberico Pork Cheeks ( $5 Premium) - grilled pork cheek accompanied by apple puree. It's an interesting combination but the apple coulis kind of overpower the entire aroma of the grilled pork. It's either they lessen the apple puree or use apple flavored sauce to marinate instead.

Wagyu Beef Short Ribs ($6 Premium) - It's probably my favorite pick among the rest. It is marinated for 72 hours with Guinness stout until it is tender. It has a distinctive 'beefy' smell while some people may not fancy it while some love it - individual preference. The beef cubes were slightly charred and has this smokey aroma, a must try although it cost a whopping 6 dollars.

Due to popular demand, the quantity of this is limited per day.

Overall hit and misses at the dishes, probably some tuning needed to refine them. Daily special Donburi is available during lunch time ranging price from $8-$12, let the chef tantalize your taste buds with something special everyday. If you're at the newly revamped Bedok Market place, be sure to try them out as well as the Ice latte at the drinks stall. Goodness!

The Burning Oak
348 Bedok Road #02-16 
Singapore 469560
Opening Hours: Lunch: Tues-Fri, 12pm-130pm (Bento Only)
Dinner: Tues-Thurs, 6pm-930pm (Yakitori)
Fri, Sat & Sun, 6pm-10pm (Yakitori)
Closed on Monday
*Note: Only dinner service on Sundays

*This was an invited media tasting.

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