Wednesday 15 April 2015

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc, 19 Boon Tat Street

FYR Cyene Ond Drinc which also pronounces as FIRE Kitchen And Drink, the newest casual dining restaurant in central business district. FYR serves modern European grilled meats and seafood, as exotic herbs and spices of Southeast Asia go into every dish. Signature mainstays include the Baked freshly-shucked oysters, spiced deboned red snapper and the ever-indulgent Baked pistachio melt and pandan ice cream.

All of FYR's cuisines and dishes are whipped up using the Jospher Charcoal Oven. This culinary practice pays tribute to a time when food was cooked atop wood chunks and over a roaring fire. FYR purveys an array of authentic, modern cuisines that captures the European culture.

We started the meal with FYR's special concoctions at $4.50 each. We left to right:

Ginger Lemongrass - made with lemon tea, fresh ginger and lemongrass, will help to invigorate senses. If you fancy the fragrant of lemongrass, you will love this.

Lime and Mint - It is a mix of fresh lime, mint leaves and mint syrup and will help to cleanse palates. No doubt it was a refreshing drink.

Apple Rosemary - A delightful blend of fresh apple juice, fresh rosemary and infused lemon syrup. This is my personal favorite among the rest, the sweetness of the apple was good.

Grilled Fresh Fruit Juice - A rich and caramelised flavour as the bartenders grill the seasonal fruits before juicing.

Hibiscus Mint (not in pic) - This features hibiscus tea, fresh apple juice and infused mint syrup.

First dish of the night - Baked Freshly-Shucked Oysters $15. A combination of sweet paprika, roasted garlic, chilli padi, spring onion and calamansi all lend a distinctive quality to the fresh and succulent oysters. I rarely take oysters but after some persuasion from my table, I managed to have one to myself. No regrets, it was really good with the aroma of the roasted garlic.

Baked Half Bone Marrow $15 - These half bone marrows come with veal sweetbreads and are spiked by the exotic tastes of Thai basil and Asian spices. My table don't fancy this due to the unusual texture of the meat in the bone marrow.

Baked Aubergine & Chickpea Ragout $10 - This eggplants and chicken pea stew marry well with the miso and bechamel. Parmesan is added for that extra oomph in the dish. Nothing fantastic to me personally but I suggest having this while it's warm.

Five-spice Half Chicken, Striplion, Asian-spiced Tiger Prawn $55 - Get the best of three worlds with this sharing plate. The roasted chicken was good, crisp on skin and tender on the meat. Striplion was disappointing with it's tough texture. The asian-spiced tiger prawns were flavourful and juicy, pretty good. It also comes with tomato salsa, black truffle and foie gras sauce.

Overall, I feel it's isn't worth the 55 bucks for this plate.

Do note that the sharing plate and the ribeye comes with house salad with java curry dressing and a choice of either butter cassava or mashed potato.

Grained-fed US Holstein Cow Ribeye 365 Days $32 - The glorious slab of ribeye was by right cooked to medium rare but it was almost medium during the first plate I had. The second serving I tried was way better being medium rare, it was tender and firm. Questioning about consistency..

Spiced Deboned Red Snapper with Sambal Belacan $25 - This is exactly what I love, deboned fish! The meat was fresh and succulent, goes well with the sambal. 

This is a fiery offering that will satisfy the hankerings of those who love spicy food. The sambal belacan lends a zest to the fish's nutty taste.

Whole Maine Lobster $35 - All lobsters at FYR are alive and freshly prepared - that has probably won half the battle. This gigantic lobster flesh was succulent, the aroma of the shallot lemongrass bechamel waft through the air and whet appetites. For $35, it's pretty worth the cost.

Seafood Linguine $18 - One of my favorite pick among the rest for the night. Tossed with al dente pasta is a potpourri of seafood ingredients as well as lobster bisque, laksa leaves and Thai basil.

One the most popular dessert offering at FYR - Baked Pistachio Melt & Pandan Ice Cream $10. Probably my first pistachio lava cake experience and it was a great one. The combination of lava cake and homemade pandan ice cream with a tinge of sweetness cinnamon makes this indulgent dessert a tour de force.

The key highlight was the pandan ice cream, it is made in house and needs 24 hours to prepare it. And it's seriously the best pandan ice cream I've ever had till date.

Overall, hit and misses at FYR while some were above average while some fell short. The dishes, varying from grilled meat to seafood, will win the hearts of Singaporeans, who possess an inclination towards spicy food. Prices wise were rather affordable especially with it's lunch promo, $25++ for 2 courses and $29++ for 3 courses. Happy hour drinks starting from $7.80 all day, everyday!

FYR Cyene Ond Drinc
19 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069619
Tel: 6221 3703
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-11pm
Sat: 9am-11pm
Sun: 9am-4pm

*This was an invited media tasting.

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