Monday 20 April 2015

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Bedok North Ave 2

Fat Cat is probably the hippest ice cream parlour in the neighbourhood of Bedok, known for their gourmet charcoal waffles and unique ice cream flavours which are made from scratch. Fat Cat is a probably an ideal place to head to if you want to experience a 'higher' level of desserts.

To me, Fat Cat isn't any ordinary ice cream parlour that serves purely ice cream and waffles. Interestingly, they serve quality plated desserts that may come with a complimentary alcohol or pre dessert. And this is what sets Fat Cat apart from the many other ice cream parlours out there.

A total of 18 unique ice cream flavours - standard goes at $3.90 for each cup such as banana hazelnut, passionfruit, varlhona chocolate, earl grey lavender etc. While the Premium goes at $4.50 per cup feature flavours such as house creations like butter beer, roasted pistachio from Sicilia and Italy white peach sangria made with special white wine selection.

One of the best hot chocolate I had, featuring Fat Cat's special chocolate blend.

Tom Yum Granita - a very refreshing and interesting dish where it incorporates ice blended tom yum flavour with kaffir lime threads.

 Mojito Cocktail Spheres ($4.50 each) - THIS is the dish that I've been seeing it all over on Instagram and it's probably the most insta-worthy dish here. These refreshing spheres are fragile and it's actually made fresh on the spot upon ordering. It contain grapefruit rind with lime zest with an explosion of zing. Sip it in carefully and the bursting effect in your mouth is simply out of the world.

Here's Grana Padano Chip, one of the complimentary pre snack that came with strawberry cheesecake.

Carbonated strawberry - another complimentary snack that comes along.

The main dessert at Fat Cat - Strawberry Cheesecake ($15). Unlike your usual slice of cheesecake where you find at Starbucks but this deconstructed dish comprises of raspberry sorbet, cinnamon cream cheese mousse, frozen raspberries, yogurt foam, lemon cress and cinnamon shortbread crumble. 

The combination of all of the above tasted great and refine, the kind of dish you usually find in high end dining restaurant. Fat Cat made it possible to taste these quality dessert in the neighbourhood.

Egg Nog Pudding is a pre dessert for the Chocolat Jardin dessert dish. Egg nog pudding is basically a egg shooter that consists of vanilla egg pudding with xeres vinegar, shaved nutmeg and a boost of bourbon.

Another main dessert at Fat Cat - Chocolat Jardin. This beautifully deconstructed dish consist of brandy cherry sorbet with fleur de sel (sea salt), chocolate soil, brown butter powder, brandied chocolate sponge, wood sorrel and blackberries.

Do note that items will vary according to seasonality and chef's creation that will determine what is best to be served. 

Credit: @Shauniee
One of the sneak dessert during my point of visit - Ashtray.

This is really an interesting item which feature smoked lavender soil, smoked ice cream, lavender, osmanthus and lemon cress in a dome of osmanthus smoke. A smokey yet intriguing dish.

These Lime Marshmallows are so fluffy! An ideal dish to open up your appetite before moving on their main desserts. These soft marshmallows doesn't seem dry and the lime zest balanced the overall with the sweetness from the marshmallows.

Another sneak dessert during my visit - Constructed Espresso. One of my favorite item at Fat Cat, tasted unique and good. A combination of White chocolate custard espuma, espresso ice cream and freshly grated cinnamon.

Lastly, THIS is the one that keep showing up all over on Instagram - Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Sauce Dip.  Gourmet waffle $6 + 2 premium scoops at $4.50 each, the normal waffle goes at $4. The recommended ice cream flavours that goes well with the waffles were Butter Beer & Roasted Pistachio.

The waffle itself were crispy and slightly dense within, with a slight charcoal-ish taste. This is easily my top 10 places for waffles, highly recommended. But go early before it gets sold out! Salted egg sauce were rich in flavour and goes well with the charcoal flavored waffle.

Here's the Original Waffle, $4.90. I personally prefer the charcoal waffle while some say otherwise. Nevertheless, one of better waffles in Singapore.

*UPDATED 280315// New season plated dessert.

Malibu Foam - Per dessert snack for the Coconut panna cotta.

Mad love this new plated sweet at Fat Cat. Here's Coconut Panna Cotta $12 poured with Purple sweet potato consomme, gula melaka and topped with mystery ice cream. A dish to die for if you fancy coconut, taro and gula melaka like myself.

Tom yum Garnita w Sour Thai mango espuma - Refreshing dessert for the warm weather, tom yum flavoured ice blended topped with mango flavoured foam. As spoken to chef-owner Charles, was told that this dish is inspired by thai dessert, Mango sticky rice. Interesting dish, every bite feels so refreshing.

Lastly, here's Sweet Potato ice cream with pepper bread crumb. Overall it tasted rather decent, nothing impressive but no doubt it's an unique concept.

Fat Cat uses high quality ingredients which are mostly flown in from Italy and France. The folks in part modern and traditional cooking techniques such as slow cooking and sous vide are used to produce made from scratch ice creams and sorbets.

Not all ice cream parlous managed to get me hook on their waffles and ice cream like Fat Cat do. The items at Fat Cat were uniquely good and the Roasted Pistachio ice cream has already won me over - the best one I had till date. The prices may be slightly steep especially for it's plated desserts, but trust me it's worth trying. And for now, Fat Cat is probably one of the best ice cream bar in this fine city. The desserts change often so you never really know what you’ll get.

FatCat Ice Cream Bar
416 Bedok North Ave 2
#01-25 Singapore 460416
Tel: 6241 0830

Sun - Thurs: 12pm-10pm
Fri - Sat: 12pm-11pm
Closed: Tuesday

Nearest MRT: Bedok Exit B (8mins walk)

*This was an invited media tasting.

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