Sunday 29 October 2017

A Few Tips on Flower Gifting That You Can Try Today!

Flower gifting or baby hamper delivery can be traced back even to the beginning of time. Flowers are given to greet someone on a special day or to send warm wishes on big events. Flowers are also given to express love, admiration and affection. More than that, a flower is created and designed by the florist to bring something to be joyful about. A gift of flower is intended to put a smile on the face of the giver and the recipient.

On the other hand, wrong choice of flowers can be disappointing. Instead of sending the message you meant to say, you may send the wrong message if you fail to choose or send the right flowers. To avoid that, you may wish to follow these simple tips: 

Tip #1: Choose flowers based on occasion

There is a right flower arrangement for each occasion. You may find all flowers to look beautiful and lovely but it may not be appropriate to send birthday flowers on romantic events and vice versa. Ask your local florist to help you pick the right flowers based on the occasion.

Tip #2: Choose flowers based on meaning

Flowers have different meanings and a hand bouquet may actually mean another thing. When you choose to send a florist delivery for flower gifting, make sure that the flower means exactly what you wish to tell. Use the flowers to express your love and emotion, or to send your greetings to someone. The colors of the flowers and the type of flowers mean differently from each other. If you are not sure, let the local florist assist you in your flower gifting.

Tip #3: Consider giving unique flower gifts on each occasion.

Try mixing different types of flowers together for a unique flower bouquet. You can choose a monotone bouquet or multicolored one for the special occasion. The local flower shop has all types of flowers that you may need for the bouquet. In the case that you want other types of flowers, the local florist can get them easily from other local florists too.

Flower gifting is a very special way of greeting or expressing an emotion. Whether there is an occasion to celebrate or you only want to surprise your loved one on any ordinary days, you can always get the service of the local florist in your area. The flower through your a local florist is always the best option to celebrate and make the occasion a little but more special.

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Sunday 1 October 2017

Wafuken - Healthy Sous-Vide Food @ OUE Downtown Gallery

Nowadays people are getting more conscious of their health and well-being, as well as watching their diets carefully while being afraid about the fats and calories that accompanies the food. After visiting Wafuken recently, I can gladly say that the team does it well in terms of being on the healthier side yet retaining it's tastiness in their food.

The winning point at Wafuken is their sous-vide cooking method, it is a unique cooking technique that uses immersion in hot water to cook for a long period, and this will result in some of the most tender and succulent meat. Ordering at Wafuken is pretty straight-forward, customise your dish by picking your preferred protein (from S$4) and carb/ sides (from $1).

The overall cost of a dish really depends on what you pick, and here is my favorite bowl - Donburi Rice Set S$4 (Furikake Japanese brown rice + Onsen Egg + Daikon Pickles) topped with 100 day grain-fed Oyster Blade Steak (S$7 Half Steak 90g / S$12 Full Steak 180g) and finishes off with Truffle Oil S$2. This is one of our favorite customised donburi but ultimately a question of personal taste and preference. Fret not if you don't take beef, there are duck, chicken and fish to choose from.

Apart from the healthy carb and sides like the avocado, yuzu salad and quinoa, can I emphasize how perfect that slab of Salmon Belly S$12 is? This sous-vide salmon is possibly the most succulent and tender one I ever tasted, and the chef sear the skin till crispy which gives a crunch - think as salmon cracklings. Oh damn.

I like how sous-vide cooking method changed my perspective of meat texture especially chicken breast. I'm not a big fan of chicken breasts because of it's dry texture but I was mind-blown at how this method of cooking changes everything. Both the Chicken (S$4 Half Breast 125g / S$6 Full Breast 250g) and Smoked Duck (S$7 Half Portion 100g / S$12 Full 200g) were extremely tender and moist, on the first thought I can't believe they were chicken breasts. 

Elevate the overall taste by going for their house-made sauces - Garlic Soy, Black Pepper, Spicy Miso and Ponzu Pink Peppercorn. Do approach the staff for recommendations on which sauce to pair with your protein.

The second outlet of Wafuken is situated in OUE Downtown Gallery, a short distance away from their first outlet in Asia Square. The folks pride themselves in serving up healthy sous-vide Japanese dishes at an affordable price in the CBD. While both outlets are in the central, I'm looking forward to them venturing into other areas of Singapore.

Wafuken OUE Downtown
6A Shenton Way
OUE Downtown Gallery #02-23
Singapore 068815
Mon - Fri: 11am - 8pm / Saturday: 11am - 3pm
Closed on Sunday & PH

Wafuken Asia Square
12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2 #02-05
Singapore 018961
Mon - Fri: 11am - 8pm
Closed on Weekends and PH

*This was an invited media tasting while all opinions expressed are based on our own experience.
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