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Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application

What does it take to be a Singapore PR? Being a PR also means that you and your family can work, stay and buy property in Singapore. If you are a new applicant of Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) and are facing some struggles or a repeat applicant as your previous request was rejected, we hope the below information and guidelines are helpful and could be of assistance with your future applications.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Who Are They And What Are The Services They Provide

Paul Immigrations is a consultancy firm located in Singapore specializes in applying PR on your behalf. The team will first talk to you to understand your immigration needs and then offer their assistance to guide you throughout the entire process of Singapore PR, making it as hassle-free as possible. If you are a student studying here, holding an employment pass, spouse of a Singaporean or other diverse backgrounds, the firm will be able to offer you the following services with their vast knowledge and expertise.

  • Offering key insights based on their high success percentage over the years
  • Handling all necessary documentation including a recommendation letter by your employer and ensuring you don't miss out on any information that could deem your submission invalid
  • Crafting your personalized cover letters to make you stand out from the thousands of submissions
  • Guiding you through the submission over the e-Service portal and creating an effortless procedure for you

Why Applying for PR Is Ideal For You?

Singapore PRs tends to hold more benefits than non-citizens here in the city-state and without a doubt, it ensures you with greater stability. That is why more and more people are applying for PR, therefore if you are planning to make Singapore your permanent home, here are some key benefits you can enjoy as a PR, just to name a few.

  • After getting PR, you are one step closer to obtaining Singapore Citizenship 
  • No concern with foreign workers quota for employers, hence higher job openings
  • More perks when owning property
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a Central Provident Fund
  • Have priority in your education life
  • Visa restriction-free when you travel overseas

10 Common Struggles Faced By Applicants Applying Singapore PR On Their Own


  • The complicated process and paperwork with tight deadlines
  • Have a hard time finding information on the website
  • Fail to meet ICA’s application criteria
  • Limited knowledge on creating a unique profile to make you stand out

Repeat Applicants

  • The application gets rejected many times
  • Application paperwork can be a hassle
  • Uncertainty in uploading the correct documents
  • Unsure of why your previous submissions were rejected

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How Can They Help With Your Application

  • They are a team of professionals with comprehensive skills and massive policy knowledge. That said, they claimed to have a high success rate over the years too.
  • They will support you ensuring that you have a strong and complete package for submitting. They will also assist you with other necessary documents you may need.
  • With a team that has vast experience and are committed to assist you, they will help in minimizing any time wastage, as well as going through any difficulties that you may face during the process.
  • Despite the complexity of the application, the team handles it strategically and ensuring that the entire process goes smoothly.

The End-to-End Process

Here's what to expect from the firm's process, as you will get an idea of what the team can do for you.

Step 1 - Get in Touch via Telephone Call

First, an Immigration Consultant (IC) of the firm will conduct an interview over the phone with you, this is to ensure that they meet the eligibility of applying for Singapore PR. The sales representative will then gather all the necessary information such as the type of pass you are holding or if there are any family ties, as well as to conduct a profile assessment of the client.

Step 2 - Schedule an Appointment to Meet Up In-Person

Following the phone interview, the IC will arrange an appointment to meet you in-person. During the meetup, the IC will go through and confirm your work pass (if any) and your profile based on the phone profile assessment. The IC will also run through the list of factors that will affect your PR approval. The factors comprise of education qualifications, type of industries you work in, and the unspoken Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) annual approval quota. Thereafter, you can decide if you wish to proceed to engage the service.

Step 3 - Submission of Documents 

After evaluating your eligibility, you will need to request to submit the required documents to the Immigration Specialist (IS), either via email or schedule a meet up in person. After which, the team will process your documents and advise if you have met the ICA's PR guidelines and requirements.

Step 4 - Complete the Remaining Paperwork on Your Part

A form will be filled up by the team based on the data provided by your submitted documents. The firm's in-house writer will also be providing you with a personalized cover letter; this is to highlight your involvement and contributions to the community and the city’s society.

Step 5 - Proceed To Submit Your PR Application Online

After fulfilling every requirement of the ICA PR application, the team will progress with your submission online. The submission may be done remotely or in-person with you. This whole process from step 2 to 5, will approximately take an average of one to two months.

Step 6 - Application Result

Each PR application will officially take around four to six months for ICA to evaluate, while some may take a longer time to process. Whether your application is accepted or rejected, IS will advise on what’s the next best step to take.

We may not be your Singapore PR application guru but if you need more assistance with yours, you can always reach out to the trusty folks at Paul Immigrations. We hope the information above did help you in some ways, we wish you the best of luck with your PR application!

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