Thursday 29 June 2017

Sydney Day 1 - Qantas, Park 8 Hotel, Dove & Olive, Aqua S

Last summer, our second stop in Australia was Sydney after spending 5 days in Melbourne. We were bound for Sydney on Qantas, our route basically looks like this: SIN - MEL - SYD - SIN. Anyway, first order of business upon arriving - Aqua S.


Sunday 4 June 2017

Print For Fun | Singapore Online Photo Printing Boutique

Gone were the days when photo printing is a major hassle, where I had to head down to a photo printing hub to get my photos printed through a self-service kiosk. And also stressing over the snake queue behind me because I was uncertain on using the machine. But now, Singapore online printing boutique, Print For Fun is here to solve that agony.

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