Friday 24 April 2015

Lowercase Cafe, LASALLE College of the Arts

'Lowercase is a melting pot where food, art and community come together', probably sums up the concept of Lowercase. It is situated in the campus of LASALLE College of the Arts, in Bras Basar vicinity. It's the arty fartsy kind of layout, which makes the ambience cosy and laid back to chill.

My first trip here previously was turned down as they closed at 6pm, not open for dinner. Chanced upon their Facebook page, and saw the revised opening hours is now till 10 pm, last order 930 pm. I like the interior with wooden benches and long tables, great for a big group gathering. Occasionally, there will be live bands or art/ music performances here.

The extensive menu is all shown on the chalk board, ranging from all-day brunch items, pasta, pizza to even steak and roast chicken. The pricing are rather affordable, if you're a student of LASALLE, of course you will be entitled to discount.

Note that it's free seating and self service to your own utensils, condiments and ice water. It's pretty straight forward, order at the counter and pay upon ordering. After which you will be given a buzzer, collect them at the counter when your buzzer rings.

Eggs Royale $15 - it was nicely done, topped on the toasted muffin were smoked salmon, greens and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. I like how the muffins were crispy but wish there were greens at the side besides this 2 poached eggs.

Salmon Teriyaki $15 - this dish was rather average, grilled salmon drizzle over with teriyaki sauce. Other than it being 'fishy' in taste, all is fine with the big cut fries.

Decided to order a side since it's sounded interesting, Korean Spicy Chicken Wings $9. There were six wings/drums being coated with rich korean spicy sauce. The spiciness were mild but the marination was too salty overall.

Smoked Duck Pizza $20 was one of the item that attracted me when I first saw on the menu. I was curious whether it's as good as the one I had at Timbre. Lowercase's rendition garnish it with spring onions, capsicums and mandarin orange, looks more like a 'Chinese' dish. But nevertheless, the taste is as good as the one at Timbre, using the thin crust pizza base.

One of the item offering in the dinner special menu, Beef Brisket Pasta $18. If you fancy beef and wouldn't mind the strong 'beefy' smell, you will love this. The flavour of the beef brisket is rich and tender in texture as well. Most of the people at my table vote this as their favorite dish among the rest. Would recommend this.

Credit: Lowercase

It's no doubt a great place for students and even outsiders to meet and dine at Lowercase. It's not as noisy and rowdy as other smaller cafes due to the high ceiling that Lowercase has. The food menu is rather extensive and they serve alcoholic beverages as well. Food and pricing were affordable, most of them are less than $20. If you're looking for somewhere to dine in town with big group, you may want to check out Lowercase.

LASALLE College of the Arts
1 McNally Street 
Blk D, #01-01
Singapore 187940
Tel: 6337 5581
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 830am-10pm
Sun: 9am-3pm


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