Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Singaporean Food Culture [Food Panda Blogger Entry]

Recently I have came across Seth Lui's instagram page showing Singapore blogger contest in collaboration with Food Panda. I have people asking me exactly what food represent Singapore's food culture. To me it has got to be Nasi Lemak, a classic food I grew up with. Since young, my family tend to dabao back home and we would sit round the table to snack on the crispy chicken wings etc. Reason being simple, nasi lemak reminds me of family warmth and my country home which I'm proud to call, Singapore.

Each time I travel away from Singapore, Nasi Lemak would be one of the dishes on my top list that I would crave for back home. Not forgetting classic dishes like ngoh hiang and curry vegetables! Though this is one of the common food people would pick, no doubt it is a dish we grew up and are familiar with.

Thank you and for organising this blogger contest!

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