Sunday 5 April 2015

[CLOSED] Monochrome Fusion Bistro, South Bridge Road

Monochrome Fusion Bistro has recently opened it's door, offering items of Western-Japanese fusion. The name Monochrome probably says it all, the minimalist interior are in shades of black and white. True to it, the name has already attracted my attention even before I make my way down. Though I know photo taking would be so much pleasing but I'm curious about the dishes they have to offer.

Upon entering the store entrance, I was pleasantly surprised by it's monochrome shades, it sure satisfy the OCD in me. The staff's uniform were also in grey checkered and black jeans, making them look stylish and neat. I like how they pay attention to the staff's attire, it sure make a difference.

But I was more interested in what is incorporated in the menu other than some squid ink w cream dishes which we had expected to suit the theme. And no doubt, there were squid ink risotto. There were also a total of 10 mains but we went ahead with the 5 chef's recommendation.

We started off with sides, here's Monochrome B&W Chicken Meatballs ($9.80). The meatballs are deep fried with minced chicken stuffed within, then coated with black and white sesame. It is overall unique but tasted rather average.

We also tried the other filling, Monochrome B&W Chorizo Meatballs ($9.80). Stuffed within were minced beef with chopped chorizo, coated with black and white sesame seeds. The meatballs could be juicier I thought. Overall, the 'beefy smell' was rather strong for this, so if you don't fancy it, go ahead with the chicken meatballs instead.

Last side dish for the table, Thai Sauce Coated House Wings ($9.80). Mad love these wings as they were juicy and fried to perfection. The coated thai sauce definitely add an extra punch.

Moving on to mains, one of them is Snapper Loin Cha Soba ($19.80). The miso broth for the cha soba could be stronger, it tasted kinda bland. The texture of the cha soba were overcooked as well and it tasted very 'mushy'. Whereas the pan-seared snapper was good topped with Katsuobushi flakes.

Monochrome Aglio Olio $18.80, monochromatic spaghetti served with grilled prawns or mussels. We went ahead with grilled prawns instead as some don't eat mussels at our table. It tasted good but the garlic fragrant could be stronger to capture the aroma.

Monochrome squid ink risotto ($24), squid ink risotto with pan-seared scallops, crunchy quinoa, parmesan cheese, edamame beans and alfalfa sprouts. The overall dish were rich in flavour, the edamame and alfalfa sprouts enhance the visual and taste. The only flaw is the small portion and steep pricing for this dish.

Pan-seared barramundi ($22.80) accompanied with asparagus, carrots and bechamel sauce. There were 2 of the same dish on our table but one of the barramundi tasted extremely 'fishy' while the other was fine - talking about consistency. With that pricing, I would prefer it to be pan-seared salmon though.

Playing around with the monochromatic flooring and plates.

Lastly for main, we had the Monochrome Seafood Platter ($25). The basket is filled with handcrafted and battered in different styles; soft shell crab, snapper, calamari, shrimp and fries. The only complain was the portion and cost again, we felt that the seafood basket isn't worth the value.

Finally at desserts, my favourite moment during the meal. Here's Sticky Date Pudding w Ice Cream ($9). You're able to pick your preferred ice cream and the black sesame gelato is so good! The sticky date pudding at Monochrome is one of the better ones in town, moist and not too sweet.

For cakes we tried 3 unique flavours priced at $8 per slice. From front to back, here's Chendol, Lychee and Black Velvet. 

Chendol Cake $8 - I've to admit this is probably my first time having a chendol cake and if you've been following me, you would know I'm a big fan of anything Chendol. Pandan flavoured sponge cake, coconut milk cream in layer together with jelly noodles, mad love this.

Black Velvet Cake ($8) - unique and pleasantly looking good. They were moist and flavourful. My second favourite from the chendol cake, be sure to try this! The only complain was the uneven layer of cream cheese.

Lastly, Lychee Cake ($8). Overall tasted good yet average, nothing out of the world.

Besides the 3 cakes earlier, we also tried the Chocolate Mint Cake $8. I personally like the ice cream here, they were specially made by a friend of Ivan, the owner of Monochrome. Highly recommended were the dark chocolate and black sesame gelato.

Group pic with the foodies
No doubt, the minimalist interior were attractive but if the pricing were to be more affordable, I believe more hipsters and students will visit here. However, the lunch sets were rather worth value with a soup, a choice of main (snapper cha soba, monochrome aglio olio or roast chicken) as well as coffee for $18. Though the concept is interesting, I won't be in a rush to revisit soon.

Monochrome Fusion Bistro
291 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058836
Tel: 6221 1798
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm (Tues-Thurs)
11am-12am (Fri-Sun) Closed Monday

*This was an invited media tasting.

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