Saturday 11 April 2015

Celebrate Songkran @ Basil by ThaiExpress, Kallang Wave Mall

Basil by ThaiExpress has recently opened it doors at the iconic and promising Kallang Wave Mall. The concept at Basil is more on the cosy, hip and rustic look, aim to target younger generation with affordable food and nice ambience into one. The dishes also cater to different palates - vegetarians and non-spicy food lovers.

Most of the dishes are prepared fresh daily and are presented with touch of Basil leaves. Will be bringing you through some of the signature dishes at Basil as well as the Songkran menu that will be available from 9th March until 19th April 2015.

Started off the meal with a range of unique drinks such as this Pandan Drink $3.90. I'm a big fan of anything pandan flavoured and was excited to see this! Was told that the staff squeeze the pandan juice in house daily and definitely amazed at the freshness of the drink.

Lemon grass Drink $3.90 - another favourite drink of mine in any Thai restaurant. The one at Basil is rich in flavour, the drinks were a hit from the start.

Thai Fish Cake $7.90 - I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and yet firm the texture is. Unlike the usual kind of fish cake you have, similar to the softness of a otah. Total of 4 pieces, great for sharing for a starter.

Credit: Vivienneeluv
Grilled Beef Salad $10.90 - Sliced ribeye steak tossed in chilli and lime dressing and sprinkled with roasted rice and fried basil leaves. Unlike your usual kind of greens, this is one spicy salad with tender beef slices.

Fresh Prawn Omelette $8.90 - It was fluffy yet fragrant as it is infused with basil. I'm a big fan of fried omelette, I eat this everyday when I'm in Bangkok. And yes this non-spicy dish is definitely a saviour.

Phad See Ew Seafood $10.90 - This is one of the vegetarian favorites at Basil. The kway teow is stir fried with baby kalian in it. Love how strong the 'wok' aroma in this dish.

Nam Prik Mamuang $8.90 - This is probably the only one you can find locally. Served in 3 mini bowls on a long try were fried glutinous rice balls, raw vegetables as well as shrimp paste chilli dip topped with shredded Thai Mango.

One has to eat it with the fried glutinous rice balls or vegetables to bring down the level of spiciness. Eat as the Thais do but do not belittle this spicy devil. The level of spiciness can be set upon request.

To celebrate Thailand's traditional Songkran festival, Thai Express has introduced 4 new dishes. The Songkran mean will be available from 9th March until 19th April 2015.

We started off with well known dish, Papaya Salad $9.90 also known as Som Tum. Thai green papaya and carrots are shredded daily and mixed in with specially concocted papaya salad sauce before being mixed with chilli padi. This was way too spicy for me, I would have eaten more if it wasn't that spicy.

Songkran Wings $10.90 - These chicken wings are deep fried to perfection before being sprinkled with crispy basil leaves, fried garlic flakes, dried chilli, salt and sugar. One of my favorite dish among all, it looks as good as it taste. The garlic flakes definitely enhanced the flavour.

Pla Muk Khi Khem $10.90 - Also known as Thai-style salted egg fried calamari, drizzled with Chef's special Thai-Style salted egg sauce. It offers a slight tinge of basil and spiciness in them. The Thai style salted egg is slightly sweeter than the usual ones we had at zi char stall. Nevertheless it's good but wish it was more crispy.

The last dish to introduce for the Songkran menu is Phad Mee Phuket $16.90, also known as stir-fried thai-style bee hoon served with Tiger prawns. The gigantic prawns and bee hoon is stir-fried with homemade sweet and sour sauce along with notes of fresh coconut. Something different from the usual Phad Thai, I quite like this one!

Moving on to desserts which is also something all of us are looking forward to! Presenting 3 all time favorite thai desserts here at Basil.

Red Ruby with Coconut Cream $5.90 - This is also a famous thai dessert which is made from water chestnuts. I personally like the fresh and thick coconut cream they use, really makes a difference in the entire dessert spread. The only downside was the coarse ice, having to bite every crunch of them.

Lod Chong $5.90 - This is also another popular traditional Thai dessert which you can easily find them on the streets in Bangkok city. A combination of green noodles (made from rice flour and pandan juice) served with coconut cream. If you've never tried Lod Chong before, just know that it taste similar to local dessert, Chendol.

Lastly, a must have Thai dessert no matter which Thai restaurant. Here's the all time favourite Mango Sticky Rice $6.90, I love how mung beans are added for an extra crunch. Look at how thick and fresh the coconut cream is, that has probably won half the battle.

Priced at $6.90 is rather affordable considering that Mango Sticky Rice isn't really cheap in Thai restaurants and in Singapore. The mangoes were sweet, and moist were the sticky rice here, overall highly recommended. And yes I can't get enough of the coconut cream.

It's my first time at Kallang Wave mall, a great place to chill at the alfresco area with a glass of wine and enjoy the beach volley-ballers in the day and night view of Kallang river. Overall, Basil's spread and quality of the dishes are like a level up to the usual Thai Express. If you fancy Thai cuisine, don't miss this place!

// Though the grand prize of flying to Bangkok has been given away, you're still in time to stand a chance to win $100 worth of ThaiExpress vouchers. "Trick-eye" museum-like standees will be placed in front of the outlets, just pose with it and post it on Instagram with the hashtags #thaiexpresssg and #songkranthaiexpress. The 3 most creative photos will be chosen to win. Best of luck!

Basil By ThaiExpress
#01-16 Kallang Wave
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
Tel: 6702 7332
Opening Hours: 1130am-10pm daily

*This was an invited media tasting.

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