Tuesday 19 May 2015

[CLOSED] Hotpot Kingdom, Marina Bay Sands

My satisfaction for steamboat bar has recently been set higher ever since with the opening of Hai Di Lao, Beauty in a pot etc, serving premium broth and quality meat in hotpot. The steamboat speciality restaurant, Hotpot Kingdom serves hot pot cultures of many kinds. Though it is located at Marina Bay Sands, the pricing is generally steep but be assured that Hotpot kingdom is worth it's value.

Here at Hotpot Kingdom, it offers an array of unique tastes to bring you the ultimate modern hot pot experience. The broth range from the famous Szechuan, korean kimchi, herbal chicken, bak ku teh to Macanese pork bone stews. Cost of broth starting from $15 to $25 depending on choices.

I would recommend going for the pork bone and herbal chicken broth, the Szechuan is good as well but too spicy to our liking even though we already requested less spicy.

After browsing through the extensive menu, we came to realised that the Hot Pot premium set menu has more delicious selections and worth the cost. As recommended by the friendly staff, we were also pleasantly surprised that out of 4 of us, we are able to order only 2 premium sets and add on ala carte items for the remaining.

Besides the usual items of seafood, vegetable and meat, Hotpot Kingdom also offers a range of premium sliced meats. Such as USA Black Angus Beef ($32/100g), Sliced kurobuta karubi pork belly ($14) and Japanese Wagyu Ribeye ($35/100g).

The homies and I were not a fan of sliced chicken meat in hotpot so we went ahead with mainly pork belly and sliced beef. And I've to emphasise the beef quality here is really good.

For a steamboat fanatic like myself - broth, meat and condiments are the most important key in my personal hotpot experience. Similar to the concept of HDL and others, the range of quality sauces is charge at $3 per pax. What interest me is the range of different types of chili such as Ikan bilis chili, teo chew chili and dried shrimp chili.

You are able to personalise your sauce mis with the range given to enhance your overall hotpot dining experience. My favorite combination is chopped chili, soya sauce and chopped fried garlic - mad love it. I personally love the selections here to HDL or Beauty in a pot.

Apart from the selections given in the premium set, we additionally ala carte another set of kurobuta pork belly, shrimp dumplings and vegetables. A must try is their signature handmade meat ball includes Beef, shrimp, pork, dace fish and cuttlefish ($12/ 6 pieces).

The seafood here at Hotpot Kingdom is seriously fresh and of high quality. And of course if your ingredients especially seafood is fresh, the battle is half won. Hotpot Kingdom offers live seafood in tanks which are seen upon entering. These live seafood contribute to the fresh lobsters, prawns, squids and fishes that you will have at Hotpot Kingdom.

The lobsters meat were so fresh and succulent, no joke. Take my money!

For each of the premium hotpot set, it comes with dessert of a type. You are able to choose between fruits platter or Chef's special dessert. And of course without thinking, we went ahead with the special dessert. During our visit was Guilinggao (herbal jelly) with a touch of ginseng zest, accompanied with honey to make it more palatable.

If you fancy hotpot dining like myself, I would highly recommend you to try this. In my most humble opinion, I would pick this over HDL for my next steamboat experience. The pricing are very much similar for both but here at Hotpot Kingdom, I get to eat lobsters, prawns, squids and of all kinds. With 4 diners including myself, our bill was charged at $160 but the wide selections we had definitely worth the money.

By the way, Hotpot Kingdom serves cooked dishes as well as a range of dim sum selections.

*UPDATE: Please note that the set has changed since May 2015.

Hotpot Kingdom
2 Bayfront Avenue #B1-01B
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972
Tel: 6688 7722
Opening Hours: 11am-230pm (Hotpot, Zi-char, dim sum)
230pm-5pm (Serves dim sum only)
5pm-11pm (Hotpot & Zi-char)


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