Friday 8 May 2015

TAO Seafood Asia, Mother's Day Menu

In this coming Mother's Day, TAO Seafood Asia's Chef Lee is proud to presents 'Mrs Lee's Favourites' which feature a number of dishes with a taste of home. It will be available for dine-in from 1 May to 31 May 2015. To chef Lee’s delightful surprise, his home cooked meals impressed the TAO’s kitchen and service teams with its pure and simple elegance in taste. I was excited to try them, read on to find out more.

Though a man of few words, chef Lee Tong Kuon - head chef of TAO Seafood Asia, marks his reserved but meaningful expressions of love through cooking his wife’s favourite dishes every chance he gets despite his demanding schedule. 

A elegant and posh looking dining area at TAO, classy!

Thanks to Mrs Lee, we will get to savour her favourites, TAO Pig Trotters with Sea Cucumber, Claypot Braised Chicken and Abalone with Rice Wine, Chef Lee's Homestyle Wok Fried Prawns and more. Here are the featured dishes for the upcoming Mother's Day menu.

Lemongrass with Rock Sugar S$5 - I'm a big fan of lemongrass but this rendition wasn't quite to my liking. It leans more towards the bitter side.

These crispy deep-fried fish skin coated with salted egg were addictive and full or fragrant. It would be perfect if the salted egg is more 'liquid'.

Started off with appetizer, here's Chilled Drunken Chicken S$10. The chicken meat was tender and and packed with flavours from the marination. A great starter for the meal.

The second appetizer we had Steamed Egg with Coconut juice topped with Crab meat and Salmon Roe (S$9.90 for individual portion). It gave a unique flavour with coconut juice added into the steamed egg while the salmon roe added a hint of saltiness in it.

Moving on to mains, first we had The TAO Pig Trotters with Sea Cucumber S$48. Do note that the pot is ideal for 4 guests and a two-day advance order is required. Chef Lee stir-fries the choice selections over a high-fire stove and braised it in a claypot over slow-fire for about three hours. No doubt the sea cucumber and pig trotters are infused with flavours.

There are recommends two ways of eating, have it neat or with a dash of the TAO’s Thai-Teochew green chilli sauce if you want a spicy kick. The green chilli sauce is really good.

Claypot Braised Chicken and Abalone with Rice Wine S$48, this is recommended for 4 guests. The braised chicken were tender and well marinated, the rice wine flavour could be stronger though. The gravy was good that I keep drizzling it on my rice, it sure reminds me of home.

For the last main, we had the Chef Lee's Homestyle Wok Fried Prawns S$30. (This is also recommended for 4 guests) This is one of my favourite dish for the night, the prawns were fresh and succulent meat. The additional 'wok' aroma gave it an extra oomph. With a hint of spiciness in the marination, it was perfect.

Capped off the meal with Orh Nee Sago Dessert $6. TAO's rendition is a level up to the traditional Orh Nee we all used to have. It was interesting with the sago and the orh nee was rich in flavour. We would suggest the name to go as Yam paste instead of Orh Nee to avoid any misinterpretation. 

Ended off with another main as the Chef was afraid we weren't full, here's TAO Seafood Asia Stewed Rice Vermicelli $24. An extremely comforting dish of rice vermicelli also known locally as bee hoon in TAO's special traditional essence with prawns, crab meat & squid.

We were taken in for a tour at TAO's kitchen where different methods of cooking is used. All live seafood are kept in the kitchen as well.

Each year in the second weekend of May, families from many parts of the world get ready for a heart-warming wave of pretty carnations, cute cakes and fabulous feasts of all culinary styles to celebrate Mother’s day. These highlights are featured in TAO's Mother's Day menu - if those dishes mentioned looks appealing to you and your mum, be sure to bring her here and reminisce the taste of home.

TAO Seafood Asia 饕聚
12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2 #02-10
Singapore 018961
Tel: 6844 9969
Opening Hours: Daily, 11:30am to 2:30pm 
6:00pm to 10:00pm (last order by 9:30pm) 

*This was an invited media tasting.

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