Sunday 3 August 2014

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅 - Clarke Quay, Singapore

When somebody mentioned about 麻辣 steamboat, Hai Di Lao is one of the top steamboat places you will often hear. Being the first international branch in Singapore, they are known for their extremely great service such as providing free manicure and free flow of snacks/drinks during your waiting time. And of course their good quality meats and broth!

After hearing the epic hype about how great the food/service at Hai Di Lao is, I made a reservation on a Friday night. As usual, it was already crowded at 7 pm but we were well taken care of in terms of having a seat and getting our drinks.

The snacks/drinks station in the waiting area, I was impressed by the spread - even having sweet desserts (tou sui) and fruits.

Menu is all available on the iPad, the staff will kindly brief you the steps to ordering your dishes. You're able to order 1/2 portion or whole portion for meats if you've less diners. Just divide the price into half.

Unlimited serving of fruits, desserts, pickles and 20 over different sauces. Note that this is chargeable at $4 for each person. We were not told about it but we realised after scanning through the menu. So once you take something from the sauce bar, it will automatically charged into your bill.

The handmade La Mian ($3) where he will perform 'stunts' in front of you lol. Managed to get a video of it!

For the broth, we had Ma La and Black Chicken w Herbs. I personally like the Chicken broth while the Ma La was too oily and spicy for my liking. Note that 2 soup base is charged at $20 flat. Recommended sides are Select Beef, Black Pork and Handmade Dumpling/Noodle.

I've to say their outstanding service makes my dining experience at Hai Di Lao a great one, they were constantly looking out for you, refilling your drinks and soup.

After reading, you will come to realised that dining at Hai Di Lao isn't cheap at all. For a table of 2 diners, the bill came up to almost a hundred buck - but it is certainly satisfying. You'll see that we didn't order much especially vegs because mushrooms are like $10? Not all the food were worth it's money. Oh, they closed at 3 am thus making it so easy should hunger strike in wee hours!

They recently opened another branch at 313 Somerset - it is advised to make reservation especially during the weekends. It's worth going, probably the first time. I'm on imperial treasure steamboat next!

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅
#02-04 Clarke Quay
3D River Valley Road
Singapore 179023

Opening hours: 1030am - 3am



  1. I dine there not too long ago too! The ingredients were really fresh! Loved the crispy chewy pumpkin snack, dam addictive!

    1. Hey, have yet to try that! true that their ingredients are of good quality :)

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