Monday 18 May 2015

Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨 @ Science Park Drive

Following the success of its pioneer outlet in 2013 at Marine Parade, Diamond Kitchen is now set to regale the west of Singapore with its myriad of seafood dishes and comforting home-style Chinese fare at a brand-new space at Science Park. The newly launched set menu at Science Park allows diners to indulge to Diamond Kitchen's seafood signatures at affordable prices.

The Diamond Seafood signatures set menu is probably the most worth value set I had. It highlights give different treasures from the sea, from Australian abalone, Scottish bamboo clams, premium lobsters, the iconic Diamond Gan Xiang crab to Giant Grouper - a seafood delicacy that is very rarely serviced in local restaurants because it is seems too difficult a meat to prepare perfectly.

GOOD NEWS! From now until 31st July 2015, this menu will be offered only at Diamond Kitchen Science Park at a promotional price of $88++ per person (usual price $150++ per pax). Minimum 4 person to dine.

Shall bring you through the exclusive items we had at Diamond Kitchen. We started off the meal with Shredded Chicken Salad w Abalone ($32 - salad, + $68 - one whole abalone). A nutrition-packed starter of sliced celery, carrots, black fungus and red chillies blanched in Diamond Kitchen's proprietary chef's stock. Tossed with salt-poached chicken, sesame oil and topped with strips of Australian abalone

*Please note that all prices stated are from the ala carte menu.

The Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam ($12-$14 each), this is absolutely delectable. A clam shell of tender, Scottish bamboo clams sit atop a bed of glass noodles, enoki mushrooms and sliced water chestnuts, tossed in a house made Hong Kong steamed sauce. The lavishly garnished of crispy fried garlic packed the entire dish with flavour while the water chestnut added an extra crunch.

A noteworthy delicacy here is the Giant Grouper, a 20kg heavyweight that is prized for its exceptionally thick, gelatinous and collagen-rich skin. Pictured above is the Hong Kong Steamed Giant Grouper (seasonal price), in Hong Kong steamed sauce brewed with top-grade soya sauce.

Diamond Kitchen is one of the few restaurants in Singapore to tackle this challenging fish, as different parts of the fish command different cooking method to achieve the best flavour and texture. 

Anyway you are able to opt for the grouper to be cooked one of two ways. Besides the Hong Kong Steam, you can opt for Garlic Stewed. The Superior Claypot Giant Grouper (Seasonal price) is the second cooking method, which entails braising with house stock and lots of garlic in a claypot.

Both cooking methods were good but if I have to choose, that would be the Garlic Stewed!

Upping the luxe factor is the comforting Lobster Porridge (Seasonal price), where steamed local lobsters are halved, then added to a pot of rice simmered in chicken stop spiked with Chinese wine and sliced ginger. There is so much flavour in this pot of porridge and not forgetting the succulent meat from the lobster. 
Best comfort food I would say.

A 'small' serving for 4-6 pax has 750g of lobster, while the 'large' portion contains at least 1.3kg.

One of my favorite greens has got to be Potato leaf! Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaf with Salted Fish ($12/ $18/ $24) is one of the vegetables served in the set menu. The sweet potato leaf is stir fried with chilli padi, garlic and pork lard. Simple and yummy as it sounds, garlic sure do wonders.

Any and every seafood feast at Diamond Kitchen is never complete without the iconic Diamond Gan Xiang Crab (Seasonal price). The best Sri Lankan crabs are wok-fried with ambrosial spices to produce this fragrant and mouthwatering dish. Pictured here is the giant 1.5kg Sri Lanka crab at its freshest moment, the meat were extremely tender and succulent! I like the prominent 'wok hei' fragrant and the spices add an extra oomph. 

A group of 4-6 persons will be served one crab (range from 1.1kg-1.5kg per crab), while 7-10 persons will receive two.

We capped off the meal with this refreshing dessert, Lemongrass Jelly ($5). Shaved lime-and-honey ice, lemongrass jelly and lemongrass water. It was an ideal dish to clean off the palate after several seafood dishes. Wish the lemongrass flavour could be more dominant.

By day, the main dining hall basks in natural sunlight streaming in through floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer a tranquil view of greenery. The 260-seater can be dolled up for special occasions such as company functions and wedding dinners (minimum spend of 15k applies).

Or for more intimate affairs, 2 private rooms each seats up to 14 persons but can be un-partitioned to make one spacious dining room for 40. (Minimum spend of $600 per room applies).

At Diamond Kitchen in Science Park, what catches the eye first are the large glass tanks, teeming with live fish, shellfish and crustaceans, flanking through the walkway to the restaurant entrance. Though Diamond Kitchen offers a wide variety of Chinese cuisine for the family, seafood is still at the forefront of their menu. And Diamond Kitchen will be on my list next for my parent's birthday!

Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨
87 Science Park Drive
#01-01 Oasis
Singapore 118260
Tel: 6464 0410
Opening Hours: 11am-230pm, 530pm-1030pm daily

*This was an invited media tasting.


  1. If you have the chance, go back and try their clam beehoon, gan xiang fried rice and sauna prawn.


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