Friday 22 May 2015

Sunday Market, Lim Tua Tow Road

I have visited Sunday Market thrice for brunch and dinner over a period of time and I have finally decided to write down. There are many cafes blooming in Singapore recently with similar concept and it's a challenge to stand out among the rest. But I would say Sunday Market did a good job in their interior with a rustic, bricks-built concept. Food wise, I wonder what creativity would be incorporated in their menu.

Sunday Market is located off Upper Serangoon Road at Lim Tua Tow Road, probably in between Kovan and Serangoon station. It's rather near to where I live so getting here wasn't a hassle since there are direct buses from my area.

The staff were prompt and friendly, we were serve with cups of iced water after we seated down although it's self serviced. They take orders at your table as well if it's not too crowded, though by right you order and pay at the counter. Plus point for effort.

They serve a modest menu of hot food ranging from pasta, waffles, toast as well as duck dishes. The menu seems promising with most prices below $20 and with a mix of western and Asian influenced items.

Not forgetting a good selection of cakes and desserts on display. Only managed to take this on my 3rd visit as there wasn't any display cakes during the weekdays I went, I supposed? Anyway the Pandan Tart and Bandung Cake looks too irresistible.

Matcha Latte $5 - I'm on a venture to find some of the best Matcha Latte serve in Cafes other than Starbucks of course. The one at Sunday Market was surprisingly good - rich in flavour and smooth in texture.

I guess the only complain is the latte art, not up to standard even on coffees.

Had this during my 2nd visit here for brunch, this is Waffle w Fried Chicken $11.90. Deep fried chicken tenders with chitpotle maple drizzle as well as sweet slaw under that stack of greens.

My first experience with this yummy looking fried chicken waffle turns out disastrous. When I was about to slice my second piece of chicken into half, I noticed it was actually uncooked with pinkish colour. Staff were apologetic and immediately offer me a new plate which was serve shortly after.

It was just a horrible encounter, what if I consumed that raw chicken? Seems like there's no quality check in their preparation of meat. Nuff said. Waffle wise, it was rather dry and dense.

My friend had the Smoked Salmon & Cheese $12.90. It is scramble eggs with smoked salmon and cream cheese serve on a buttered toast with grill tomatoes and tomato marmalade. Nothing fanciful in this dish though we wish they could be more generous with the small pieces of smoked salmon. Scramble eggs were quite nicely done though.

My first trip to Sunday Market on a weekday dinner, here's Roasted Duck with Garlic Hoisin Crispy Eggs $12.90. The texture of the pancake was thin and felt like the pancake batter wasn't pan fried long enough. I could hardly taste any roasted duck in them too, wish the aroma of the roasted duck was more dominant.

My fav foodie had the French Toasts with BBQ Chicken $12.90 - It is basically fried egg served with green onions & cliantro toast, grilled BBQ chicken thigh, mixed cress and sriracha sauce. It's good on it's own, I guess you can't go wrong w egg, french toast and chicken thigh right? For $12.90, it's quite a good deal.

One of the nights we tried the Pandan Tart as it looks tempting and how could I resist Pandan! It was good at least to me. The tart was firm with an extra crunch while the pandan cream leans too much towards the artificial flavouring and colouring. Do note that display cakes vary from time to time, do check w staff.

Two scoops of premium Ice-cream with Waffles $9.50. I personally like the range of interesting ice cream flavours here such as Thai Milk Tea, Kyoho Grape Cream and Sea Salt w Almond. During my time of visit, Chendol was a newly arrived flavour. We had the Thai Milk Tea and Chendol and they were both so good. I bought a pint of Chendol ice cream $18 back after :P

Waffle texture wise - As usual it was dry and rather dense with no crisp.

Lastly, the highly raved Bangkok Toast $10.90 which is Sunday Market's signature dessert. Cinnamon thick sweet brioche toast with matcha green tea custard, served with Thai Milk Tea ice cream at the side.

The cinnamon sweet brioche toast was fluffy and most within as it's stuffed with custard. Their Thai Milk Tea has always been good and this dish was excellent on it's own. Although we felt that the matcha green tea custard didn't work out.

The pricing here is pretty much reasonable as most of them are below $15 other than the sirloin and duck leg of course. Overall hits and misses but I would ask for consistency and quality check in their dishes as I believe Sunday Market has what it takes to stand out.

Sunday Market
22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772
Tel: 6287 8880
Opening Hours: Mon-Tue & Thur: 12pm-10pm
Fri: 12pm-11pm
Sat: 930am-11pm
Sun: 930am-9pm
Closed on alternate Wednesday of every month


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