Sunday 3 May 2015

The Laneway Market, Tanjong Katong Road

The Laneway Market, probably one of the newest kid on the block in the cafe scene. It is located at Tanjong Katong Road, an area with a full bloom of cafes and eateries. Though it's a little inaccessible as it's not near to any MRT stations, but I've heard good reviews about their risotto and that got me down one day.

There were many of us but we decided to go light since we went after a tasting session. Cafes are opening so fast these days that some of their food were of no uniqueness. However at Laneway Market, we noticed some interesting eats such as Gambas Soba and Rosemary Chicken for their lunch menu from 12-3pm.

Breakfast menu is available till 3pm serving Pancakes, French Toast, Rosti and Big Breakfast. The usual yet essential brunch items in a cafe.

Coffee were of interesting flavour as well, here's Earl Grey Latte $6. I like how the earl grey flavour was distinctive yet didn't overpower the overall coffee aroma.

I'm a big fan of anything matcha and how can I pass Matcha Latte $6. Unfortunately, this was nothing but a disappointment. It was thick and 'powdery' after one mouth that it itch the throat. Wow, probably the worst matcha latte I had.

Decided to go for sides as we were craving for something meaty, here's Spam Fries $10. It comes with truffle mayo dip and the thick cut luncheon were well fried. But looking at the tiny portion that is worth $10, each of us probably had only 2 sticks..

For mains, we went ahead with Pulled Pork Burger $19 - 12 hour braised pork in beer infused BBQ sauce, stacked with purple cabbage slaw while ruffle fries and greens as the sides. This dish originally come in two sliders but we were served a bigger burger bun this time as they ran out of the smaller buns.

The pulled pork were flavorful, not too dry yet not overly moist. Didn't really fancy the burger bun as it wasn't well toasted. Truffle fries at the side could be better in it's truffle aroma. Overall it's nothing fanciful but it's still a good eat.

Lastly, probably the reason why we are here, Dashi Risotto $18. This dish was a saving grace and also the one that stood out from the rest. Arborio rice cooked in stock of kambu and dried bonito, bay scallops, thyme infused mushrooms and sous vide egg.

A delectable dish on it's own with a flavourful broth, shrooms, crunchy scallops and yes a glorious sous vide egg. The flavour was light and indeed an ideal asian comfort food for an individual. I would say this Dashi Risotto is one of the better ones in town.

*UPDATE as of Oct'15: 1 for 1 mains using TheShiokBook. Some of the mains featured below are big plates available from 12 noon onwards.

Salmon $23, sous vide, pan seared - chamomile and lavender infused apple slaw, ginger flower tomato, pommes mousseline, crispy nori, dashi cinnamon drizzle. Interesting mix of flavours and unique ingredients is incorporated into this dish.

We were all expecting it to be a chunk of whole salmon, but it turns out to be sliced. It was good in flavour, goes pretty well with the cinnamon drizzle. For 23 bucks, I feel it's full potential has yet to be unleashed.

I have always loved Laneway Market's risotto, ever since my first visit with them some time back.
A must order whenever I'm here, Risotto $21 (noticed a slight change in the ingredients and pricing). A mix of dashi, mushrooms, onsen egg, beurre noisette poached crab meat topped with bonito flakes.

The taste is still enjoyable but I definitely prefer the previous rendition. Not forgetting the price hike just after a few months, a place of risotto is easily above 20 bucks, it is really worth now?

One of my favourite pick at Laneway, Beef $24. It's 42 day aged wagyu rump, truffle smashed potatoes, mushrooms reduction, ponzu jus, watercress and smoked milk foam.

Love the medium rare texture while the truffle aroma was distinctive enough to bring out the overall flavour. The ponzu jus is served at the side, pour in moderation as the alcohol flavour is pretty strong.

Lastly we had the Sous Vide Poached Eggs $17. It's 24 hours beer infused pulled pork, mirepoix pain de mie and smoked capsicums. Wish they could have been more generous with the pull pork portion, nonetheless pretty decent dish I would say. My least favorite among the 3.

We tried 3 desserts which were made in house.

Pistachio Honey Vanilla Cake $6.50, it was quite a small slice than the usual.  The overall cake was lacking, if I have not known it was pistachio, I wouldn't even know after a bite because it was really subtle.

Double Chocolate Valrhona Tart $4.50, this 3 inch size chocolate tart was unfortunately disappointing. The chocolate taste was average, the only flaw is the texture of the chocolate and pastry crust. Hard & Tough.

This was probably the only saving grace, Raspberry Lemonade cake $6.50. Moist lemon based sponge cake spread with raspberry butter cream. The overall mix of raspberry and lemonade packed the whole flavour in one. Quite a refreshing slice of cake!

Overall, hit and misses in the food and drinks. Service provided was efficient and friendly, makes dining here an enjoyable one. The folks at Laneway Market are constantly improving on their food quality so you may see some changes on the menu over the past few months. The only downside for myself is the location itself and parking can be an issue here. 

The Laneway Market
266 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437053
Tel: 67198832
Opening Hours: 10am-930pm (Weekdays)
9am-930pm (Weekends)
Closed on Wednesdays


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