Tuesday 26 May 2015

Indulge at Park, Weekend Asian BBQ Buffet - Grand Park Cityhall

Last weekend, I had the privilege to favor a wide buffet spread at Indulge at Park which is situated at the lobby of Grand Park City hall. They are proud to present two scrumptious weekend buffets, the Long Weekend Tunch is served every Saturday & Sunday afternoon and the Asian BBQ runs every Friday and Saturday evening. Both are available from now till 28 September 2015.

Basically the apt named Tunch encompasses both lunch and tea favorites with the spotlight on Asian dishes such as Tianjin pancake roll, Hong Kong roast duck and pork, assorted dim sum, Penang rojak, kueh pie tee and popiah.

Going through the array of selections for the Asian BBQ here instead. The dinner buffet sees a premium selection of 10 meats and seafood including lobsters, scallops, US flat rib beef, salmon steak, tiger prawn, oyster, Australian lamb, chicken thigh, beef striploin steak and Spanish pork belly which is grilled a la minute.

Here at the BBQ corner, you can also select from 10 special spice blends and sauces to season the meats as desired. Sauces and seasoning such as tandoori, sesame oil, Malaysian sambal, Korean gochujang spice, teriyaki, hoi sin glaze, Asian BBQ, lemon pepper, garlic & herb and cumin & salt.

Here's the outdoor live grill where grilling takes place after you have chosen your meats and placed your orders.

Besides the highlight on the Asian BBQ for dinner, you will be introduced to a extensive international epicurean spread of over 80 dishes by Executive chef Eric Ong and features Continental, Asian and local specialties.

At the western soup and bread rolls corner, the pumpkin soup is worth a mention, it was smooth and rich in flavour. My table was raving about how good it is.

A selection of artisanal cheese selection.

Every buffet isn't complete without seafood and sashimi, Here's chilled seafood on ice, assorted sashimi and sushi. But of course don't waste your calories on sushi rice, there are better things out there :x

Some of the ready cooked dishes such as braised pork belly, steamed chicken as well as Indian and Thai style curries.

There is also a line-up of ready-grilled items at the buffet to pick up including: Grilled lobsters w sambal chilli butter, Scallops w Tom Yam butter, Homemade John Dory Otak Otak, Tandoori grilled tiger prawns and beef burgers with gratinated cheese.

Grilled lobsters with sambal chilli butter, addictive!

At the nyonya ngoh hiang corner where a selection of crackers and various meats are available. I personally like ngoh hiang so I did enjoy the spread here.

Closer to home, are some Malaysian and peranakan specialties such as DIY Penang rojak, otak otak and Kueh Pie Tee!

Satay & Chef's signature Penang Assam Laksa.

We capped off the meal with Chef's special: Ice Cream Burger. It is basically having your ice cream scoop on a toasted burger bun. There were 4 ice cream flavors available; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Black sesame. The goma (black sesame) ice cream was fragrant and rich in flavour, really enjoyed it!

Dessert section, something I always look forward to in a buffet! Upon arriving at the entrance, you will be able to spot this beautiful cupcake and macaron stand.

A wide spread of classic cakes, macarons, fruits, nyonya kuehs, durian pengat as well as a do-it-yourself chendol bar. Talking about the durian pengat, it's one of the best one I had!

Chendol jelly.

The dessert line was probably the most impressive segment among the rest.

Both weekend buffets serve Asian, local and continental fare to satisfy every craving. It is an ideal place for a laid back gathering with family, friends or even a special occasion. All in all, the weekend Tunch offers dim sum, porridge as well as Hong Kong roast pork. While the Asian BBQ dinner buffet sees a premium selection of 10 meats and seafood! Do check them out while the promotion is ongoing! :)

Grand Park City Hall
10 Coleman Street
Singapore 179809
Tel: 6336 3456

Long Weekend Tunch
Saturday & Sunday
Promotion now till 28 Sept 2015
Adult: $45++ / Child 4-12yo: $22.50++

Asian BBQ
Friday & Saturday
Promotion now till 27 Sept 2015
Adult: $62++ / Child 4-12yo: $32.50++

*This was an invited media tasting.

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