Monday 11 May 2015

RamenPlay launched Shabu Shabu @ BreadTalk IHQ

I believe RamenPlay restaurant is no stranger to Singaporeans, as they are known for serving bowls of hearty ramens and Japanese dishes. And recently, RamenPlay has expanded its offerings which comprises ramen and donburi (rice bowl) with steamy Shabu Shabu from $13.90. This affordable and attractively-priced hotpot set include quality beef or pork with rice or udon. No doubt it sounds promising.

The spread that we are going to taste for the night which consists of a Shabu Shabu set, Tonkotsu Ramen, Crispy Dango, Gyoza and many more. Stay tune as we bring you through.

Before I move on, like to thank the team at RamenPlay for the warm hospitality during the media session. A personalised name tag for the dining table, glad to have the privileged to do so.

Started off the meal with this ultimate palate-refresher, Super Yuzu ($4.80). It is concocted with premium yuzu juice, soda and yuzu peel. For an extra kick, an alcoholic version spiked with 15% souju is also available. Though the souju taste is rather subtle, I'm definitely in for the alcoholic one!

Some delectable sides to start off, Crispy Chicken Gyoza $3.60 (3 pcs)/$5.80 (5 pcs). These Japanese dumplings stuffed with minced chicken thighs are pan-fried till golden crispy, then garnished with fragrant goma (sesame) sauce. 

On the first glance, it looks like takoyaki right? :P But no, here's Crispy Dango $3.60 (3 pcs). These succulent chicken meatballs are breaded then deep-fried to golden-brown and drizzled w mayonnaise and plum sauce. 

Those stuffed minced chicken thighs were real juicy, love this one. Best paired with a bowl of rice or ramen!

Featuring the last side for the night, here's Bamboo Chicken $3 (1 pc)/ $5.80 (2 pcs). These are also juicy minced chicken thighs that were grilled in these bamboos. 

It is served along with a raw egg yolk for dipping. Taste wise, there wasn't any distinctive zest but texture wise definitely smoother with an extra punch.

At RamenPlay, of course we have to try their ramen! Here's Toroniku Uobushi Tonkotsu Ramen, $11.80 (3 pcs Toroniku)/ $14.80 (5 pcs Toroniku). This is one of RamenPlay's best-sellers, this dish presents thin, firm Kyushu ramen in a comforting broth of smoked fish and pork bones.

I was pleasantly surprised at how unique yet good the broth is, though a rare combination of smoked fish and pork bones. Each bowl is also crowned with unctuous slices of seared pork cheek - soft texture and it melting in the mouth. So good! What's best is, its only $11.80, consider pretty cheap among the other ramen stores.

Moving on to the second main, here's Butariki Ishinabe $13.80. One of my favourite dish here besides the Tonkotsu Ramen. This is served in a heated stone pot to ensure that it is best enjoyed at the optimum temperature.

It is accompanied with lashings of RamenPlay's secret sauce. Be sure to mix well and enjoy the myriad of flavours! This does reminds me of Korean dish, Bibimbap.

This satisfying meal-in-one combines pearly Niigata Koshihikari rice with ribbons of pan-fried and barbecued pork, spring onions, seaweed, raw egg and of course the secret sauce. I personally fancy this rendition of a stone pot dish, highly recommended.

Lastly, the highlight of the meal - Shabu Shabu. In the set, you can personalise your own with a choice of soup base, meat and staple. In the set, a dollar difference in the different choice of meat:

Meat: Brazilian pork collar ($13.90) OR Australian striploin beef ($14.90).
Staple: Niigata Koshihikari Rice OR Thin Udon
The Soups - Clear Soup (chicken bones & shoyu) OR Kimchi Soup (features piquant Korean-imported kimchi with clear chicken soup)

It is generously portioned with assorted vegetables, tofu and 3 types of mushrooms; hon shimeji, shiitake and golden mushrooms. I would always go for beef in my Shabu Shabu but it wasn't the same this time. I personally like the Brazilian pork collar more to the beef.

What's a complete meal without desserts right? We capped off the meal with Warabi Matcha Mochi Ice Cream $6.80 (ala carte)/ $4.80 w order of any main course. A heavenly trinity of matcha ice cream, azuki and chewy pillows of soy bean mochi. Nothing fanciful but its not bad.

To be honest, this is my first visit to RamenPlay and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the dishes. Glad to know where I can head to for affordable Shabu Shabu to fix my craving in future! The Shabu Shabu set is currently available at 4 restaurants; BreadTalk IHQ (5pm onwards), Nex, Jem and Velocity @ Novena Square, and will be introduced at Bedok Mall by June 2015.

BreadTalk IHQ
30 Tai Seng Street #01-03
Singapore 534013
Tel: 6444 5516
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm daily
Last order: 30mins before closing

*This was an invited media tasting.

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