Thursday, 1 January 2015

Joyden Canton Kitchen, HillV2 Shopping Centre

After more than 10 years of serving up some of arguably the best seafood in Singapore at Joyden Seafood Restaurant in the west, the Joyden brand is set to make waves once again with a myriad of hearty, comforting chinese dishes at its new dining establishment, Joyden Canton Kitchen. 

It is situated at HillV2 mall, which is located at Bukit Timah. Joyden Canton Kitchen embraces the philosophy of Cantonese cooking by using only the freshest ingredients paired with skilful culinary techniques.
One of the must-try dish is Joyden Signature Soy Sauce Chicken $12/$18/$32 (Pic above), which comes in quarter, half or whole servings. Gently marinated in a secret blend of superior light sauce and other herbs. Rosewater, a traditional ingredient used in classic roast techniques, imparts a refreshing and subtle sweetness to this dish. Other must tries include the Canto Roast Pork, Signature Crispy Shar-Pi Roast Pork.

Another rendition of the previous dish, Signature Traditional Hakka Salt Poached Farm Chicken ($17). A whole kampong chicken is gently steeped in a salt and herbal stock, then rested to fully absorb the flavours before being served with Joyden's secret-recipe ginger sauce. Between the 2 kinds, which one you prefer? My pick would be the Soy sauce chicken :P

Homemade Hawthorne and Apple Drink ($4), tasted similar to sour plum drink. It is thoughtfully created to ease digestion and cleanse the palette.

A starter to our meal at Joyden Canton Kitchen - Crispy Golden Lotus Root Chips ($8.80). Fried to golden brown and fragrant, I've to admit this snack is really addictive. A must order for me at Joyden.

Ask anyone what the epitome of Cantonese cuisine is, and the answer would most likely be "soup". Here's Joyden's interpretation of a Foshan classic - Chicken with Fresh Huai Shan and Wolfberry in Old Coconut Soup ($12.80). Fresh huai shan, wolfberry, chicken and other herbs are steamed in an old coconut over low heat for up to 3 hours to extract the essence from these ingredients.

Another main to expect, Signature Sliced Grouper Fillet with Pine Mushroom and Black Fungus in Rice Wine Broth ($17.80). Something light on the taste bud, the broth was flavourful. The heated claypot accentuates the flavours of superior fish soup and rice wine in the dish.

One of my favourite pick among the dishes - Fish Maw and Prawns with Glass Noodles in Homemade XO Sauce ($18.80). It's a mouth-watering number that stars a homemade premium XO sauce of dried scallops and jin hua ham. I was 'wow' by the fragrant of it. Thumbs up.

Another signature at Joyden would be the Braised Homemade Beancurd Coin with Poached Shanghai Baby Cabbage ($14.80). It comprised of milky broth made from boiling pork bones for several hours, young baby cabbage steamed in said superior pork broth until sweet and succulent, and homemade patties of beancurd, seafood and vegetables fried till golden-brown.

The Braised Pork Ribs in Aged Mandarin Peel Sauce ($16.80) is a refreshing spin on the typical coffee of champagne variations. The flesh is so tender it attains a fall-off-the-bone texture, it is also tossed in a special aged mandarin peel sauce before being broiled to a smoky, caramelised finish. Probably my second pick for favourite dish.

Lastly, for those seeking a soothing staple, the Signature Traditional Rice Vermicelli with Poached Egg White, Crabmeat and Scallop ($15.80) will be for you. The wok-fried rice vermicelli is tossed with crabmeat, fresh and dried scallop, then finished with a swirl of vinegar and a dash of pepper.

We capped off the meal with some sweets, here's Red Bean Soup with Tang Yuan. Though nothing out of the world, but the red bean soup is flavourful. I personally like this a lot.

Another desserts to go along, we have homemade Guilinggao with Honey. It's smooth and soft, slides into your throat when you swallow. Overall rather decent. :)

Housed in a new mall in the residential neighbourhood of Hillview, Upper Bukit Timah, spacious and seating capacity of 120-seater. A variety of seating options including banquet seats, cosy four-seaters, and larger tables for 8-10 diners at Joyden Canton Kitchen.

The food here reminds me of home and definitely brings back the warmth of home cooked dishes. Joyden Canton Kitchen is the ideal location for occasions, celebratory get-together or a casual week-night dinner with your family. Will definitely add Joyden on my list of dining places with my parents and dimsum! (:

Joyden Canton Kitchen
4 Hillview Rise, #02-21
HillV2 Shopping Centre
Singapore 667979
Tel: +65 6465 9988
Opening Hours: Open daily
Lunch: 1130am - 930pm (LO. 9pm)
Dim Sum: 1130am - 430pm

*This was an invited media tasting.


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