Sunday, 28 December 2014

[CLOSED] Pie Face, World’s Largest Pie Chain From Australia Arrived in Singapore

Pie Face, the world’s largest pie chain, has finally arrived in Singapore. Australia’s Pie Face has unveiled its very first foray into Asia with the opening of two new stores at 313@Somerset and Bugis Village. A leading micro-bakery café from Australia with more than 80 stores around the world. 

Pie Face doles out pies in a multitude of flavours. Flavours that are available at the Singapore stores include Chunky Steak; Chicken and Mushroom; Thai Chicken Curry; and Tandoori Vegetable.

These savoury pies come in both regular and mini sizes. The mini pies are priced starting from $3.00 each. Different playful facial expressions are featured on the pastry crusts, making the pies a perfect accompaniment to brighten up your day.

Here are the various mini pies offered at Pie Face, with 8 kinds of flavour.

The regular pie sizes are available in 5 flavours, starting from $4.90. Would recommend having the chunky steak pie, this pie houses chunks of beef that have been braised with onions, garlic and gravy. If you can't take beef, I then suggest to go for Thai green curry chicken pie - an Asian-inspired offering, it brings together chicken meat, carrots, onions, garlic and coconut milk.

One of my favourite pick at Pie Face would be the Cheese Sausage Roll, comes in both original and cheese. Who would say no to cheese right! Eat it while it's hot, it's really tasty.

Other items available - Cheese Stick. The pastry is slightly too hard and thick for my liking.
Overall decent I would say.

There's Almond stick as well, quite like it though I wish the pastry would be slightly softer and thinner. Would go for this over the cheese stick :P

Mini Lemon Pie ($3.30): Glistening dome-shaped lemon custard sits on a sweet crust pastry. Orange rind caps off the pie. Mini Pecan Pie ($3.30): Resting on a crumbly base, the crunchy pecans are drenched in a sweet maple sauce. Mini Chocolate Pie ($3.30): Chocolate mousse with a crisp chocolate shell, encased in a sweet crust pastry.

There are also 8 sweet pies starting from $3.30, with flavours ranging from Mini Butterscotch Pie to Mini Apple Crumble Pie and Mini Pecan Pie to enjoy as desserts. My personal favourite would be the Coffee pie.

Other than its array of palatable pies, Pie Face also serves high-quality coffee. Enjoy fresh brews such as cappuccino, café latte, long black, mocha and macchiato here. The prices for the coffee start from $4.00. They are the perfect accompaniment to the pies and a great perk-me-up to start the mornings right. 

Pie Face Singapore
Bugis Village
249 Victoria Street
Singapore 188034
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm
313 Orchard Road #B3-10
Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

*This was an invited media tasting.


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