Wednesday 21 January 2015

Arbite, Serangoon Gardens

Arbite has always been one of my favourite brunch place, serving affordable unique brunch dishes. It is also one of the popular brunch spot in the vicinity of Serangoon Gardens. Recently, chef-owner Marc Wee has revamped it's menu at Arbite, after it's refreshed menu at A for Arbite which is located at Aliwal Street.

Marc is committed to serve quality and innovation dishes at Arbite, where you will get to savour interesting dishes. Spoken to Marc a couple of times and I'm greatly impressed by his efforts and creativity he put in to the dishes. Alright here are some of the dishes you must have at Arbite,

Normally I'll have coffee during this time but the speciality drinks menu looks really tempting. Decided to go ahead with Passion Fizz ($4.50), a combination of passion fruit, ginger ale and grenadine. 
Refreshing is probably the only word to describe this. 

That's Sophie in the foreground :P

Kicked start our meal with Salted Egg Fries ($6), it's actually the fries of the month. It's not commonly found in Singapore but if they do, they probably did it by having the salted egg yolk sauce drenched over it. Arbite's rendition is having it dry but it would be even better if the salted egg yolk is slightly richer.

Another innovative salad - Gado Gado Salad ($10). There were potatoes, fine beans, cucumbers, tempeh, tofu, croutons, romaine lettuce, peanut dressing and garnished with prawn crackers. Indeed a local dish that is put into a salad. It's actually pretty good and interesting.

Another dish from the small bites menu, Beef Tataki ($8). Seared beef tataki served rare, accompanied with sautéed mushrooms and drizzled with a green onion oil and sesame sea salt flakes. The beef texture is soft and flavourful, having this at $8 is really a steal!

Moving on to mains, here we have Crumpets and Bacon ($9). Homemade crumpets, bacon, poached egg, hollandaise and fresh greens. This dish is not commonly found in cafes and I must say the standard at arbite is really good as compared to the ones in Aussie. The crumpets is soft and moist and can I emphasize that this is below $10!

Pan Seared Salmon ($20) served with a creamy mash and Asian vegetable laksa pistou. One of my favourite mains among the rest. The salmon is pan seared to crisp on the outside and succulent within. Mash potato were well marinated, most importantly not dry. And the highlight is the laksa pistou, I was surprised that they work well together. Definitely a successful Asian-western fare plate.

One of them were the Malabar Chicken ($15), grilled chicken with kerala spices, roasted potato and a chopped cucumber, tomato and yoghurt relish. Overall decent.

Lastly, we had XO Duck Tagliatelle ($16), duck breast, tagliatelle, xo chilli sauce, sugar snaps and corn kernels. The overall taste was just overwhelming, from the xo sauce to the duck meat. You've got to try this! Oh at the sister brunch of A for Arbite, it's serving XO Lobster Pasta instead!

As you can see we had quite alot at the beginning but there's always room for desserts right?

Activated our sweet tooth by starting with Pina Colada Creme Brulee ($7). Baked pineapples, coconut cream and white rum custard, topped with a contrasting layer of caramel. It's pretty decent but I like how the rum custard enhances the overall taste.

Here's Horlicks Panna Cotta ($12), malt flavoured panna cotta, granola, milo crumbs, honeycomb with rum and raisin ice cream. The ingredients listed is already enough to get your eyes wide open. This is my first time having a horlicks panna cotta, I'm not sure if anywhere else has this but it's a brilliant combination of all. Honeycomb (Y).

Lastly, a dish that we have all been waiting for - Liu Sha French Toast ($9). Matcha soaked brioche, salted egg custard, candied nuts and fresh berries. Sounds and look delish right? 

I personally prefer the matcha infused to be slightly stronger but overall this dish wins it all. Note that it's salted egg custard within and not molten. Of course everyone loves having molten within. It's overall interesting and be sure to eat it while it's hot!

Arbite is not only having these unique dishes at affordable prices but also with quality. It's one of those cafes I would go no matter the location, it's definitely worth the trip. Note that the menu will be constantly changing, so don't be surprise to see bandung french toast instead :P Once again, thank you Marc for having us and your great hospitality.

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Second Floor
Singapore 555962
Tel: 6287 0430
Tue-Fri: 1130-1500/ 1800-2300
Sat-Sun: 1100-2230
Closed: Monday

*This was an invited media tasting.

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