Saturday 17 January 2015

23 Jumpin Cafe, Tai Seng

23 Jumpin Cafe is probably one of the newest kid in the cafe hopping scene, being a few months old. Located in the isolated industrial estate but thankfully it's a stone throw away from Tai Seng MRT Station. Upon reaching the Commerze building, I was surprised to find a stretch of restaurants and salad bars together with 23 Jumpin.

The shoebox size cafe is probably the most simple and minimalist cafe I've ever been to, with no d├ęcor. Probably just a couple of portraits hanging on the wall, with no interior or exterior points to talk about.

Updated Menu as of March 2015
We arrived on a Saturday noon to a empty cafe, with only our table being serve. The menu is rather simple, with the usual brunch items and pasta you find at cafes. And a small portion of home-made desserts. But I've to say the price are pretty affordable.

Matcha Latte ($4.50) - Other than the failed latte art, the flavour wasn't too bad. I'm a big fan of matcha latte and it's difficult to find really good ones in Singapore except Starbucks. But I've to say the one at 23 Jumpin is one of the better ones I had.

Flat White $4.50 - The coffee beans used here are exclusively roasted to them by a friend of the owner. Overall, the coffee beans were rich in flavour with a tinge of fragrant.

Decided to go ahead with Eggs Benedict ($14), one of the essential brunch items in cafes.

The hollandaise sauce were rich and creamy, the english muffins were slightly toasted as they soak up the egg yolk. The eggs were poach perfectly, with the ham adding on the savoury taste. Overall nicely done.

Went ahead with Spicy Bacon & Ham Aglio Olio ($12) in the specialities menu. The spiciness was strong enough to get the kick, as well as a generous portion of bacons and ham. Other than the noodles being a tad hard, the overall taste were delectable.

*Updated// Honey Paprika Wings $8 from the new menu. It's 10 fried half cut wings drizzled with honey topped with Paprika and parsley flakes. The wings were deep fried to perfection, drizzle with a generous serving of honey and paprika. Love the idea of half cut wings, so much easier to munch. One of my fav place for honey paprika wings besides Lola.

*Updated// Truffle Infused Creamy Mushroom Pasta $15 from the brunch special. Mad love the strong truffle fragrant in it with generous serving of bacons and mushrooms. Pleasantly surprised to find this rendition to be really good, I like how you won't get 'jerlak even after many spoonful. Spoke to the owner that they should consider putting this into the main menu.

Charcoal Waffle w Ice Cream ($9), was my main reason for visiting 23 Jumpin. Choice of ice cream, Vanilla or Chocolate. For a gourmet waffle with ice cream priced below $10 is really reasonable. 

The texture of the waffle were crispy and fluffy within, the only let down was the ice cream. It's tasted like 'cheap' vanilla ice cream where I can get it in any convenient store. As you can see, isn't smooth. That goes the same to the maple syrup, which taste rather artificial.

A small space with minimal decor, no fanciful walls or anything. But I've to say the service were sincere, reasonable pricing and tasty food. Though it is located in the remote part of Tai Seng, this is one cafe you shouldn't miss if you're in the vicinity. I'd be back for the other desserts and coffee!

23 Jumpin
1 Irving Place
#01-25, The Commerze
Singapore 369546
Tel:  9137 5697

Opening: Mon: 11am - 2pm
Tue-Sun: 11am - 9pm
Closed on Public Holidays
Nearest MRT: Tai Seng Exit A


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