Tuesday 13 January 2015

Bodacious Bar & Bistro - Biopolis Drive

Been seeing much hype about Bodacious on instagram lately and the makan khakis decided to head over to have dinner on a Thursday night, located at Biopolis street. At Bodacious Bar & Bistro, the food is simple and affordable. Serving all-day breakfast menu dishes out of the usual favourites such as Salmon Egg Benedict.

Bodacious is also known for their pretty modern interior design, an ideal place for photo taking. The menu is pretty extensive, from a range of sides to mains such as Duck Confit and Sea Bass - unlike the usual pasta, pizza kind from cafes these days. And all of the mains at Bodacious were under $20, waffle-friendly.

Churros (Spanish Fritters) $8.80 was one of the reason why we decide to dine at Bodacious because we have seen a few posts on Instagram claiming it to be one of the best Churros in Singapore. They were neatly dosed with cinnamon and sugar, serving along with a small portion of chocolate dip. The rendition at Bodacious were crispy and chewy within, as well as short pieces which is perfect for a bite.

Truffle fries is a must-order whenever it's on the menu and this is no exceptional either. The truffle fries ($8.80) at Bodacious were slightly above average, just felt that the truffle oil isn't equally infused in them. While some were strong in truffle taste, some were not. 

Moving on to mains, one of their signature mains are Pulled Pork Burger ($14.80). The portion of the steam baked lean pork were generous and flavourful. The pulled pork is stripped and favored in citrus spicy apple BBQ sauce on a base of tomato, cucumber and pickles served with fresh greens on the side. The burger was rather good, with the bun nicely toasted. Overall, a must try at Bodacious.

Ordering a Fatty Duck Confit ($19.80) was no exception either. The country-style duck confit is served with garlic mash potato, topped off with tangy plum sauce. The skin were crispy and the meat within is tender with a abit of fats together. Recommended :)

Wanted to try something on the Breakfast All Day menu, and went ahead with Greek Meaty Balls($16.80). Sizzling panned chef pressed beef meatballs with tomato and onion sauce, crowned with two baked eggs and accompanied by toasted brioche. It was disappointing as the meatballs were dry and hard. Sadly, nothing to shout about for this dish. IKEA's rendition is still the best.

Tried something out of the norm, here's Grandma's Seafood Stew ($15.80). That cold rainy night calls for a bowl of hot seafood stew with mussels, sea bass, shrimp, in a savoury chickpeas - served with toast. The broth were flavourful and overall pleasant.

Desserts wise, we were so stuffed from all the food and the cakes didn't look tempting either so we gave it a missed. Didn't manage to try their coffee as well as I can't take caffeine at night. Sad right. Anyway, will be back if I'm near the vicinity for coffee and other brunch dishes :)

Bodacious Bar & Bistro
70 Biopolis Street
Singapore 138547
Tel: 6778 9585
Mon - Fri: 10am - 10pm
Sun: 9am - 6pm



  1. You missed the highlight of the café. The boss makes one of the best latte in Singapore (it gotta be made by t he boss... ^^)

    1. Hi Jeremy, thanks for the heads up. Will definitely visit again for the coffee! :)


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