Sunday 25 January 2015

Marugoto Shokudou, Broadway Plaza

Marugoto Shokudou is a Japanese dining where you get to enjoy Japanese cuisine in the heartland at reasonable prices. It is nestled within the bustling, raucous neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio, in the refurbished Broadway Plaza. This Japanese diner is proud to bring an awesome dining experience to heartlanders with a menu of nearly 150 unique items, each lovingly crafted by a dedicated culinary team.

In this coming Lunar Chinese New Year, the folks at Marugoto Shokudou will be bringing you some festive dishes. In addition, affordable set lunches and weekday promotion are available as well, read more here.

My pleasure to have my first lou hei with the bosses of Marugoto Shokudou, as well as some friends. In this Japanese style Lou Hei, it features seafood such as prawns and salmon sashimi. The usual sweet sauce is changed to yuzu honey too, really interesting. Note that this is only available from 1st Feb - 5th Mar which is also the last day of CNY.

We were recommended to have Calpis which is a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink, with a choice of 3 flavours - Apple, Grape and Peach ($6). It has a slight and somewhat milky taste, similar to vanilla-flavoured yakult. In it were some jelly toppings but overall I love it, refreshing! We were told that this is not commonly serve in Singapore.

Our first dish served were the Omakase Sashimi Platter, it's seasonal pricing and what you see here is cater to 6 pax for approximately $200~.

Total there were 4 kinds of Sashimi - Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna), Salmon Sashimi, Maguro (Tuna) and Mekajiki Sashimi (Raw Swordfish). There were all fresh, Chutoro was my favourite among the rest with layer of fatty streaks, really good.

Some of the unique dishes here were the Foie Gras Chawanmushi ($8). The foie gras adds on the saltiness into the chawanmushi which enhanced the overall taste. Some may sway away from this due to the pungent smell in foie gras.

One of the salad items, Beef Tataki Salad which is rather new. It is after drench over with the given shoyu sauce. The thinly sliced medium rare beef were soft in texture, tasty!

Moving on to mains, we had the Wafu Steak ($17.90). It's pan grilled tenderloin steak with garlic shoyu sauce and vegetables. French fries as one of the sides as well.

One of my favourite mains among the rest, soft and juicy. And most importantly, not dry at all. Look at that pinkish cut of meat, a beef lover like myself can't resist anything like this :P

You can top up your mains with Garlic Rice, love the fried crispy garlic that is topped on it. Wish the rice has a slightly more wok fragrant to it.

Here's Steamed Cod Fish which is fresh and succulent. Overall, decent but nothing out of the world.

A typical dish at any Japanese dining, here's Tonkatsu ($13.90). For those who don't know this, it's basically deep fried breaded pork loin. It's more to the leaner meat but the rendition at Marugoto were pretty tough and dry for me personally. I like how mustard sauce is served together as not all places does that.

A must have dish for sashimi lover, here's Nigi Toro Don ($15.90). It's a bowl of minced raw tuna belly topped on the sushi rice. If you don't fancy raw food then this isn't for you. Overall average, but definitely not the best I had.

What's a Japanese dining experience without Tempuras right? Here's Tempura Moriawase ($13.90). A mixed of fried seafood, vegetables and mushrooms tempura. A generous portion at this price is definitely worth value. 

We capped off the meal with desserts with Fried Ice Cream, this is new on the menu as well. It comes with a choice of 2 flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate. 

I'm in for the Chocolate flavour :P The fried breaded portion is more than the given ice cream which kinda overpower the taste. Overall decent but nothing impressive.

Reasonable lunch menu with great choices, go for it if you're nearby!

Marugoto Shokudou boasts a fresh food counter, on which the culinary team will park the freshest ingredients and corresponding prices on a daily basis.

The seating capacity at Marugoto is rather big, an ideal place for big groups and occasion.

The concept at Marugoto Shokudou is simple: the folks are set to bring quality Japanese cuisine to the heartlands at reasonable prices. As good food should be available at not just within the CBD or town areas, because Singaporeans everywhere have an insatiable appetite for quality. So be sure to try them out!

// Thank you Esther, Hiromi, TIN and the folks at Marugoto for having us. Wishing all of you an advanced lunar new year, stay healthy and huat!

Marugoto Shokudou
Broadway Plaza
4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
#01-07, Singapore 569841
Tel: 6451 2822
Open Daily 1130am - 1030pm (LO: 10pm)
Closed during lunch on Mondays

*This was an invited media tasting.

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