Wednesday 28 January 2015

Boufe Boutique Cafe, Phoenix Park

Boufe Boutique Cafe is a newly opened cafe situated in the vicinity of Red hill at Phoenix Park. We were attracted by the pretty brunch items and the all white decor, it sure looks promising. Thus, the makan khakis and myself decided to check them out one Sunday. It is located at the far end from the entrance so you can request for a buggy ride.

The word Boufe is derived from ' BOUtique' and 'CaFE', when you combined them you get Boufe which is also pronounced as 'buffet'. There's a boutique selling woman apparels/clothing at the corner while the cafe takes up the rest. 

The brunch menu items are the usual essential mains, serving from 10am-3pm. After a break, it resume dinner menu from 6pm-10pm.

Simple brunch menu with 6 choices, we decided to go ahead with the recommended ones which is Triple B ($21 Boufe's Big Breakfast) and Eggs Benedict ($16). Prices are all nett, no GST or Service Charge.

As usual caffeine fix during the weekend brunch. Boufe offers flavoured coffee which include vanilla, hazelnut and caramel. Coffee were overall pretty good, flavoured coffee goes at $5.50.

Read reviews online that their french toast were up to bar. Here's Brioche French Toast (14), homemade brioche in french toast mix, topped with fresh berries, cream chantilly and maple syrup. The toast was so soft and fluffy, well infused with flavour. But $14 for a slice of french toast, worth if you're sharing.

An essential brunch item, Eggs Benedict ($16). Homemade brioche with honey baked ham, poached eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce and fresh greens. The eggs were nicely poached topped with their rich hollandaise sauce. The portion at Boufe were exceptionally more than others.

Here's Triple B which also stands for 'Boufe Big Breakfast' $21 which consist a little of everything. With buttery croissant served with scramble eggs, assorted sausages, streaky bacon, sautéed mushrooms and greens. Scramble eggs were a tad dry for me but the honey glazed bacon were crispy and sweet like bak kwa.

Moving on to desserts with a fridge filled with colourful cakes and macarons.

We were specially attracted by the Strawberry Shortcake and Chocolate Tart.

Strawberry Shortcake ($8) - Pricing wise probably the most expensive item in the fridge among the rest. It's not too sweet and the sponge cake were moist, overall rather decent. Feel that isn't worth the 8 bucks.

Chocolate Tart ($5.50) - looks exceptionally good among the other cakes. It sure satisfy a sweet tooth like myself, with 3 layers of flavour on it. Milk chocolate for the top, dark chocolate for the middle filling and peanut butter for the bottom layer. Gotta love this.

We're starting to get tired of the cafe scene with many down ones but I'm glad Boufe didn't disappoint. I personally love the interior of the cafe - mainly white and black, making it look spacious and clean. An ideal place to unwind with a cup of coffee, away from the bustling city. The dinner menu looks promising as well such as duck confit.

Boufe Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park
#01-01 Singapore 247974
Tel: 6734 7656
Opening: 10am-10pm (Tues-Sun)
Closed on Monday

15-20mins walk from Redhill MRT Station
Free Parking


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