Saturday 3 January 2015

Yoogane Singapore, Westgate Mall

The Korean brand, Yoogane has arrived in Singapore, currently with 2 stores - Bugis Junction and Westgate Mall. Yoogane is a popular galbi brand, with 100 over branches in South Korea. The popular galbi restaurant started in Busan in 1981 and has since grown a chain all over in South Korea.

Galbi is a korean dish of tender chicken meat marinated in korean red pepper sauce. I've seen Yoogane during my trip to Seoul last year but regret that I did not try back then. But I'm glad Yoogane has arrived in Singapore!

Salad bar station - free flow of pickles, kimchi and vegetables - all specially flown in from Korea. The strawberry sauce from the salad taste good and unique!

We ordered the signature Yoogane's Chicken Galbi at $18.90 per pax, minimum 2 person to order. The dining concept at Yoogane is that you order a Galbi as your main, and add on fried rice, ramyeon, dokboki, cheese etc. In this case, we ordered an additional fried rice $3.90 which has been fried together with our pan of grilled galbi. You can request the staff to cook for you.

There were queue when we arrived at 8pm but we got seated quickly after 10 mins of waiting. It's quite a big space in the westgate mall outlet and service was efficient. Aprons were distributed to us to prevent the splattering of the sauce while cooking.

The meat were tender and good, I personally love dining at Yoogane. Sadly the prices in Singapore is way more expensive than the one I saw in Seoul. There are currently 2 outlets in Singapore and I guess the queue at Bugis is way longer than Westgate? Be sure to check Yoogane out for authentic korean galbi, the only obstacle to beat is the long waiting time.

Westgate Mall
3 Gateway Drive #03-08
Singapore 068532
Nearest MRT: Jurong East Station


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