Tuesday 29 December 2015

[CLOSED] Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro, Alexandra Central Singapore

The second outlet of Atmosphere has a slightly different concept as compared to the first outlet at East Coast Parkway which is a bistro and bar. The sister outlet is located in the mall of Alexandra Central which features a menu of burgers, pasta, flaming pizza and their adorable 3D latte arts that have went viral on Instagram.

The interior for the second outlet has gone for a more lavish interior. It is spacious with a classy ambience, like wise with the elegant cushion chairs and marble tables. I love how bright and cosy this place it is to chill. 

The concept at the second outlet focuses a lot on their 3D latte arts, with various adorable characters using the milk foam. Atmosphere has talented baristas who is able to transform your coffee into a cup of beverage that you can't bear to drink. A wide range of flavoured coffee such as vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, tiramisu, rose, macadamia, baileys, minty mocha and frapps! For non caffeine, you can opt for hot chocolate with 3D art.

The best thing is Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro also serves Kirin flavoured frozen beer. This refreshing flavoured draft beer is topped with frozen beer foam and also comes in lime and strawberry. Love this.

The menu at Atmosphere is rather extensive ranging from appetizers, soup, salad, pasta, baked rice, pizza, desserts and a spread of main courses. Tried a bit of everything including this Battered Mushrooms $6.80.

From the salad and appetizer selections, we had the Caesar Salad $6.80 and Spam Fries $8.80 respectively. Pretty decent kind of salad, lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing, bacon bits and grated Parmesan. As for spam fries, these straight cut luncheon meat is served with kaffir mayo. Quite a small portion for both though.

From the main course menu, we had the Pan-Seared Salmon $20.80. This pan-seared Norwegian salmon alongside with asparagus is served with a choice of miso or Dijon cream sauce.

These 4 Mini Beef Burgers $16.80 is packed with BBQ glazed grilled mini beef patties with onion confit and melted cheese between mini buns, served with fries and coleslaw. This is best paired with Kirin frozen beer!

Another alternative for a mouthful of goodness, you can go for the Wagyu Burger $19.80. Like the previous sliders marination, this is stacked with BBQ glazed wagyu patty and topped with melted cheese served with fries, coleslaw and greens. I would prefer this, every bite is packed with flavour from the tender patty.

Where else for pasta, featured here is the Seafood Aglio Olio $16.80. This pasta is sauteed with chili, garlic, bacon bits and topped with grilled prawns and squids. Seems like it's lacking in flavour from the garlic bits.

The Flaming Pizza $14.80 is one of Atmosphere Bistro signature, where the flame is literally seen on the pizza. It is topped with prawn, salami, capsicum and assorted mushrooms as well as alcohol where it is poured to set the pizza on flame. I like how crisp the thin crust is, with the sizzling cheese atop.

As for desserts, Atmosphere Cafe serves a range of desserts as well as cakes on display. Such as the Rainbow Cake, Lemon Meringue Tart, Macarons and Chocolate Cake - the price range from about $6 to $9 dollars. The cakes were slightly dry for my liking, I would suggest going for the plated desserts.

This elegant looking dessert, Fluffy Snowfall $12.80 features a double stack of pancakes with choice of bananas, strawberry or chocolate filling. It is then topped with homemade fluff sauce, fruits and two assorted macarons. The two slab of fluffy pancakes were pretty good, drizzle with some sort like vanilla sauce. 

Here is one of Atmosphere's signature dessert, Marigold $12.80. This white chocolate molten lava cake oozed cheese molten core, served with Chantilly cream and chocolate sauce round the plate. For something different, this is pretty enjoyable while I still prefer the chocolate one that goes better with the vanilla ice cream. 

Lastly, we had the Black Pearl $15.80 which is layered chocolate and berry mousse, ganache and crumble encased in chocolate sphere. Pour the hot warm chocolate over the sphere and it will break apart so you can enjoy the crumble within. This dessert is definitely for the chocoholics.

I believe most people are drawn by their captivating 3D coffee art and cosy setting. The main courses were rather decent and generic overall, I would suggest to go for desserts and coffee. For something affordable, go for their lunch set from $12.80 which is available on Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro
321 Alexandra Road, #02-01
Alexandra Central
Singapore 159971
Tel: 6250 4863
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm daily

*This was an invited media tasting. 

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