Friday 1 January 2016

[CLOSED] Le Halo Cafe @ Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, Tiong Bahru

Le Halo is a retro themed cafe with all day breakfast located in the vicinity of Tiong Bahru, also known to be situated right beside the popular cafe, Sin Lee Foods. Le Halo is a small cafe filled with vintage goods, selling them from online shop Chairish The Moments. The interior of the shop is covered with shades of bright color and many knick-knacks all around. To some, it may look crammed and messy with all that nostalgic items.

Besides that excessive vintage decor, Le Halo serves up affordable mains all priced below $15. Most of the items are Western food with a twist of local flavour; not forgetting typical cafe food, Eggs Benedict.

We practically tried everything on the menu so read more to find out the verdict. Anyway, first we had the Tuna Mushroom Melt $9.50. With tuna, mayonnaise, sautéed mushrooms topped with mozzarella cheese and wild rocket on toast. Overall decent, something we can easily whip up at home but no doubt this is comfort food.

Next we had the Otak Egg $9.50, featuring a big slab of Muar's famous otak topped with a sunny side up on thick toast. This is one delectable dish, the otak is crispy at the surface and is packed with flavour within. Remember to poke that egg yolk and let it drizzle all over your toast. Definitely recommend this.

Another main here is the Mini Pork Burgers $12.50, small pork patties topped with cheese and bacon between that mini burger buns. With 2 small burgers at the cost of 12 bucks, I would suggest skipping this and go for something else with greater value, like the one coming next.

A dish we are all familiar with in Singapore, curry chicken! This Masala Chicken Curry $12.50 wins in portion and flavour if you are comparing it to the mini burgers as mentioned earlier. This item feature a tender chicken thigh topped with homemade masala sauce. All the toast you see are from the same supplier and there are really soft and fluffy, no doubt a lovely accompaniment to the curry.

At Le Halo, they pride themselves to have the best Eggs Benedict as voted by food journal. The award winning Eggy Benny $14.50 is done in 2 ways: poached egg with hollandaise sauce on toast, and a baked toast cup filled with ham and egg topped with mozzarella cheese served with green pea puree and salad.

Here is Le Halo's signature and also their best selling dish so far, Piggy Stew $13. This bowl of goodness is slow cooked to full flavour with chunks of pork served with 3 pieces of crispy buttered toast. It is similar to a bowl of tomato soup but then again, this definitely reminds me of home cook.

For selection of pastas, here is Mushroom Carbonara $14.50. This plate of creamy pasta is topped with sautéed mushrooms, bacon bits and a poached egg. The cream base reminds me of mushroom soup from campbell soup. Overall decent but I wouldn't spend my bucks on pasta here though.

Another pasta that you can find on the menu, Meatball Pasta $14.50. Le Halo make their own beef meatballs in this tomato based pasta. If you're looking for hearty homely dishes, this is for you. 

Something interesting out of the usual cafe food is this Porky Cornetto $9.50. I love it when cafe owners baked their own pastry and this homemade cornet bread is rather enjoyable. With a choice of tuna mayo or slow cooked shredded pork in tomato and red wine sauce. Tuna Cornetto $9.50, the one below.

There is also cakes and tea to cap off your meal. But honestly, Le Halo isn't a cafe that specialises in desserts so don't expect too much in these colorful treats. If you do not want to be disappoint with a slice at $6, I would suggest skipping them or have more mains instead since it's almost that similar price.

The interior of Le Halo is indeed not the most instagrammable destination unless you're fond of vintage items in a small space with heartwarming service. Most of the food here are pretty generic, something we can easily get it else where but these hearty dishes definitely feels homely. 

Le Halo
Blk 4, Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 162004
Tel: 9736 8087
Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs: 1030am-6pm
Fri & Sat: 1030am-830pm
Closed on Tuesdays

*This was an invited media tasting.

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