Sunday 29 March 2015

[CLOSED] 1 Market Nyonya Fair by Chef Wan

As most of you have know that 1 Market is the first halal restaurant in Singapore by Southeast Asia's most illustrious chef, Chef Wan. The 450 seater restaurant situated in Plaza Singapura, houses Southeast Asian cuisines from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. This March, Chef Wan pays tribute to the centuries-old Peranakan heritage with his grandmother's timeless recipes.

This March, Chef Wan is hosting a special Nyonya Fair at 1 Market. He will be digging into his old trove of recipes, all passed down from his grandmother to his mother and then to him.

Available for a limited time only, 10 Peranakan dishes will be added to 1 Market's existing buffet spread. This also means even more offerings at the usual prices.

Will bring you through the buffet line - Here's the salad bar and greens.

The Japanese corner feature assorted sushi, sashimi, tempura and to name a few of Jap delights.

Chawanmushi alert! For those who don't know about this, it's basically a egg custard dish that originated from Japan.

One of the station that offers Peranakan dish - Bibik's Roasted Whole Duck. This offering is the culmination of many hours of effort. The duck is first rubbed with a melange of spices and together they lend flavours to the meat. Not forgetting the crispy crackling, if you're lucky to get a good portion.

One of the 10 traditional Peranakan dishes that was added into the buffet spread, Bibik's Seafood Fried Rice with Belacan. One of my favorite among the rest. But no doubt the best is Wok-fried beef that you will find in this section. Tender and flavourful.

Though it's not one of the featured Peranakan dishes, this Black Pepper Crayfish is one of the mainstays in their usual buffet spread. It's taken up pretty fast, be sure to grab more while you can. Because one or two is never enough!

The corner at the back of the line where it feature some of the local dishes like satays, muttons etc.  Be sure to look out for Ayam Buah Keluak.

When it comes to Peranakan dishes, how can we missed out popular Peranakan dish Kueh Pie Tee. It's a DIY station, so customise your own kueh pie tee and rojak!

Another Peranakan dish to take note: Sop Sayur Asin. This soupy dish of homespun charm features shrimps, which are bound to enliven any dish.

And featuring the dim sum corner, where you will find dumplings, baos, spring roll etc.

This is also the same are where you will find the noodle station and you have Traditional Nyonya Laksa. The 3 generation recipe has seen several iterations over the years and is now perfected by Chef Wan and his mother. And yes this Laksa is highly recommended!

Assorted fruits as well as ice station where you can have a choice of Ice kachang or Chendol.

Of course not forgetting the Peranakan kuehs, love the spread the colours.

Bringing you through some of the dessert segment, not forgetting the Chocolate fondue with spiky looking sticks of fruits and marshmallows. These were rather decent.

And of course the range of cakes available at 1 Market, they were good but overall nothing impressive for my taste platte. No doubt, the colours will attractive and appealing.

The Nyonya Fair will be held from 6 March to 31 March 2015, available only throughout the month of March. Chef Wan's mother is Peranakan and hence they are the authorities on bona fide Peranakan dishes. Anyway, note that 10 traditional Peranakan dishes has added to 1 Market's buffet spread. If you fancy Peranakan dishes, this is for you.

1 Market by Chef Wan
Plaza Singapura Atrium
68 Orchard Road #04-45 to 49
Singapore 238839

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday
Lunch: 11.30am-2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm-10pm

Buffet Lunch
Mon-Thurs: Adult $37.45/ Child $22.15
Fri, Sat,Sun, Eve of PH & PH: Adult $44.50/ Child $28.05

Buffet Dinner
Mon-Thurs: Adult $51.55/ Child $26.85
Fri, Sat,Sun, Eve of PH & PH: Adult $56.30/ Child $30.40

*Child: 6-12 years old/ All prices are NETT. 

*This wan an invited media tasting.

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