Thursday 5 February 2015

Sakura International Buffet, Yio Chu Kang

Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang has recently revamped it's storefront and brand image. With it's eight new rejuvenated counters, it aims to to bring gourmands on an around-the-world food journey. Sakura presents 100 different cuisines from Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Thailand, US, France and Singapore - all in one place.

Some of the marquee offerings at Sakura include surprises, such as Boston Lobster & Argentina Red Prawn Hokkien Mee, Baked Egg Tart w Bird's Nest and.. free flow of Liu Sha Bao! Yes sakura is now offering this pastry which has rise in popularity over the years.

At the Japan station, you will find an array of sushi, tempura, snow crab chawanmushi, soba, yakitori, garlic fried rice and assorted Japanese delights. I'm pleasantly surprised to find a wide range or sushi. 

// Dinner special only: Sashimi, salmon & sweet shrimp, Argentina red prawn, salmon belly, tatami bonito and oyster with wafu dressing.

Here at the local counter, you will find 2 signature dishes where there's constantly a queue. Here's Boston Lobster & Argentina Red Prawn Hokkien Mee. This is a new spin on a perennially beloved favorite. Rest on top on the noodles is a glorious lobster imported from Boston. // Dinner special only.

Credit: Sakura

Next local dish we have Hiroshima Oyster Omelette. The main stars of this dish are the soft and fresh oysters from Hiroshima, Japan. I would prefer the flavorful hokkien mee!

Other local items such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Otah, Chicken Satay and Shrimp Paste chicken.

A classic dish where Singaporeans love - Prawn Paste Chicken also known as Har Cheong Gai. It's marinated well but it's cold by then when we start our meals. Wish they could store it somewhere to keep it warm.

Another highlight at the buffet - Baked Portuguese Bird Nest Egg Tart.

My favorite top item at the buffet, they were crispy on the crust and a slight tinge of bird nest flavor in the egg. Enjoy the sweetness while you sink your teeth into this fluffy egg tarts. Perched on the crumbly base is nourishing bird's nest. // Dinner special only.

The Thailand counter celebrates the exotic and authentic flavor of traditional Thai cuisines. Some of the main stands are green curry chicken, papaya salad, pineapple fried rice etc.  

At the noodles station where there's Laksa and Yong Tau Foo. You're able to DIY your own dish and choose your toppings.

Other than cooked food, there's shabu shabu items as well. There will a small pot to yourself at every table. A wide range of chicken, dory fish, slice beef and Hiroshima oysters. 

Of course not forgetting the essential ingredients for your mini steamboat experience. From vegetables, mushrooms, fish balls, tofu and many more.

At the Hong Kong counter, you will find assorted dim sum. The usual siew mai, beancurd roll, lo mai gai and free flow liu sha bao! Cocooned within the fluffy buns is sweet-salty molten custard. I was expecting too much on the liu sha bao to really 'liu' but I was pleasantly surprise. Good job sakura.

// Dinner special only.

Arrived at the US counter, it piles diners with American classics such as potato fries, meatballs in tomato sauce, nachos w hot cheese and baked cheese macaroni. Nothing fantastic, I would suggest skipping this to save more room for others.

Expected. Pasta, Pizza and Lasagna at the Italian counter, where you get to pick and match the pastas and enjoy them the way you like. Pasta (Spaghetti & Penne) with 3 kind of sauces to pick from - Vongule, Bolognese and Seafood Marinara.

Lastly, probably the best - Salad and Seafood Bar at the France counter. Be sure to savour the Boiled Argentina Prawns, it's fresh and juicy. Go straight to that! Others such as steamed white clams, green mussel and whole poached salmon salad bar.

// Dinner special only: 'Whelk a la Bourguignonne' - This delicacy features escargots topped with fresh parsley leaves, as well as boiled prawns and green mussel.

Here at the dessert section - sweeten your taste bud with an assortment of afters. Mochi, local desserts, eclairs, assorted pastries as well as cut seasonal fruits. I must it's a wide range of selection, overall rather decent. The only flaw is the lighting, the blue colour makes it..

// Dinner special only: Durian Penget.

Ice cream counter with 6 flavours, we were too stuffed from the rest and had to skip ice cream.

Dinner special only // Another highlight at Sakura - Belgian Chocolate Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream with Chocolate Lava Cake. This is truly indulgence on every level especially if it's free flow. Didn't managed to get a shot of the lava inside, but it sure flows.

The newly revamped Sakura now offers buffet aficionados a brand new dining concept. To ensure that every Singaporeans gets to enjoy all cuisines and services, Sakura attained Halal certifications. With a wide spread of hundred items, this is definitely worth value starting from $17.90++. But I would suggest having the dinner buffet with more special items!

Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang
210 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9
#01-208 Yio Chu Kang Stadium
Singapore 569777
Tel: +65 6754 8197

*This was an invited media tasting.

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