Thursday 12 February 2015

Pie Face's Chinese New Year Prosperity Combo

In conjunction with the upcoming festive celebration, Pie Face is offering a special Chinese New Year Prosperity Combo where you can purchase a set of 8 pieces at special prices. The combo consist of Pie Face's signature pies as well as the newly launched ones - new flavours including Classic Mince Beef Pie, Spicy Chicken Pie and Creamy Mushroom Pie.

The set will include:

Chunky Steak Pie
Classic Mince Beef Pie (NEW)
Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Chicken & Peppercorn Pie
Spicy Chicken Pie (NEW)
Thai Green Curry Chicken Pie
Creamy Vegetable  Pie
Creamy Mushroom Pie (NEW)

Non-beef consumers can request for all beef items to be switched to other items. The pies can be bought and stored in the freezer for up to seven days. Simple reheat before serving. 
Pie Face's mainstays include the following:

Chunky Steak Pie - this pie houses chunks of beef that have been braised with onions, garlic and gravy.
Classic Mince Beef Pie (NEW) - ground beef mixed with onion, coriander, gravy and tomato paste.
Chicken & Mushroom Pie - medley of tender chicken breast, mushroom and garlic.
Chicken & Peppercorn Pie - large chunks of tender chicken breast, onion, garlic, cracked pepper and green peppercorn.
Spicy Chicken Pie (NEW) - chunks of chicken meat, onion, garlic, cracked pepper and bird's eye chili for that HOT sensation.
Creamy Mushroom Pie (NEW) - creamy rich sauce made up of 6 different types of chunky mushrooms.

Brighten up your Year of Goat with Pie Face's array of gourmet Australia pies and hand-crafted pastries. New flavours has been added to the line-up and special promotion to help ring the New Year. Try offering them these cute looking 'aussie' pies during your new year visit. Have a delicious Australian Pie Face-themed Chinese New Year!

Pie Face's Chinese New Year 8+8+8 Prosperity Combo

Mini Pies Combo (Save up to 30%)

- 8 Mini Pies Pack = $18.88
- 8+8 Mini Pies Pack (total 16 pies) = $33.88
- 8+8+8 Mini Pies Pack (total 24 pies = $48.88

Regular Pies Combo (Save up to 15%)

- 8 Regular Pies Pack = $38.88
- 8+8 Regular Pies Pack (total 16 pies) = $68.88
- 8+8+8 Regular Pies Pack (total 24 pies) = $98.88

Bugis Village
249 Victoria Street
Singapore 188034
Opening: 11am-11pm

313 Orchard Road #B3-10
Singapore 238895
Opening: 10am-10pm

*This is a sponsored post.

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