Tuesday 10 February 2015

Froth Cafe, BIG Hotel

Froth is probably the latest addition to the ever explosive cafe scene here in Singapore. It is situated at the lobby of BIG hotel, located at bras basah vicinity. I've been seeing plenty of instagram post about this place especially the hype of their signature Taro waffle, which looks so appetizing.

*Froth has relocated to Ascott Raffles Place

Froth is hidden at the basement of BIG hotel, it also serves breakfast for hotel guests in the morning. The concept of the cafe is pretty minimalist and spacious, great for big groups and gathering.

The menu is pretty extensive ranging from burgers to meats and seafood. The dishes created were pretty attractive such as cheesy lobster sandwich and Doritos crust winglets.

Saw Bubblegum Milkshake ($10.90) at the beverage section and decided to give this unique drink a try. As expected, tasted sweet but nothing out of the world. It tasted like melted paddle pop ice cream, that's probably the closest I can think of.

Sweet potato fries were sold out so we ahead with Spam fries ($11.90). We felt that it's sort of overpriced for this portion of spam fries.

The items below were all recommended by the owner of Froth. Here's Bacon Chowder ($7.90). It's chowder, herb oil, bacon bits and poached egg. The chowder was rich in flavour and we were surprise to find a poached egg in it. Overall, tasted pretty good.

For sides we had the signature Doritos Crust Winglets ($11.90). The spicy Doritos were topped on the confit winglets, a crunch in every bite. And the best thing (for me) is, this winglets were boneless! The chicken meat were tender and juicy but overall be warned that it's a tad spicy.

As recommended for mains, first we had the Seafood Tom Yum Risotto ($23.90). The richness of the tom yum flavour is fragrant but too overwhelming for me. It's so strong that it became quite spicy and salty for the whole dish. And the prawns were completely mushy.

Our second main was the Fried Chicken Steak ($18.90). It's fried chicken thigh, roasted mushrooms, greens and truffle mash. They were out of truffle mash on that day so it got replaced with truffle fries instead, the fries were golden crispy but it tasted nowhere near truffle.

The chicken texture were juicy and tender but felt that it's under seasoned. The marination of the chicken didn't have any special touch to it.

Lastly, we had the Cheesy Lobster Sandwich ($22.90) which is their all time signature. Unfortunately, this dish was a big disappointment. The lobsters weren't too fresh and felt mushy on my first bite. And wasn't as 'cheesy' as the dish name says. Overall, the cheese could have been more distinctive.

We capped off the meal with desserts, their signature cakes such as Nutella Cheesecake and Taro Cheesecake both priced at $8.90 each.

Nutella Cheesecake ($8.90) - the bottom crust were actually hard and thick, had a hard time knifing it down smoothly. I like how toasted hazelnuts were added on top, giving it a nice touch and a ferrero rocher-like flavour in the cheesecake.

Taro Cheesecake ($8.90) - something unique in a cheesecake flavour. The cheesecake was a bit too dense, a lighter texture would be preferred. Overall, it's pretty good. Would be better if the taro flavour is stronger.

Lastly, a must-have at Froth and the hype on this has been all over on Instagram. Here's signature waffle - Taro Waffle ($12.90) served with single scoop of ice cream: Vanilla bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, Sea salt caramel and Earl grey. Think no more, go straight for the earl grey.

The deconstructed taro waffle were presented beautifully, drizzled over with taro sauce.
It sure looks good and insta-worthy.

The waffle were stuffed with taro paste in it. It's not the crispy and light kind of waffle due to the yam filling in it. It leans more towards the pancake kind of texture instead. Indeed a yammy experience, overall it's chewy with taro paste oozing out at every bite. If you're a fan of taro and waffle, you will like this one.

// Revisit this place for taro waffle again as my friends wanted to try. It wasn't as good as the first time I had, no crisp at all. And the appearance looks different as well. Just wondering about consistency as I've seen many different versions on Instagram.

The food overall were pretty decent, hits and misses while some were below our expectations. But I've to admit it's a great place to chill and unwind with friends. Froth would probably still attract patrons with it's wide range of food items and unique desserts, though for now I won't be rushing to revisit soon. 

It sure looks promising but still lacking. We were told that the menu will be fixed sometime in February, hopefully the standards improved and food/waffles being consistent. 

Froth Cafe
200 Middle Road B1-02
BIG Hotel
Singapore 188980
Tel: 6336 1228
Opens 11:30am-10pm daily

*This was an invited media tasting.

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