Monday 23 February 2015

House of Seafood 螃蟹之家, Punggol Settlement

House of Seafood is located at the new location, Punggol Settlement. The newly revamped space is filled with eateries facing along the river. I have been here a couple of times since it's pretty near my place. It's rather inaccessible if you're not driving as only one public bus comes here, bus no. 84.

Arrived on a weekday evening and it's already crowded, together with all the CNY decoration along the area liven up the atmosphere. This is my first time dinning at House of Seafood and I'm glad to have the privilege to do so, during this festive period. Seafood overload!

First dish we have here is the Wok-Fried Prawns with Fragrant Butter $20/ $26/ $32. I thought it was some pumpkin sauce on my first bite, it's taste sweet with a slight curry zest. It turns out that it's butter prawns wok-fried in curry leaves. It exceeded my expectations with it's wok fragrant.

Crispy beancurd with Chef's special sauce $15/ $20/ $25 - it is then topped with pork floss. The sauce was nothing special, tasted like thai sweet and sour sauce. The key in the dish wasn't the special sauce, at least to me. It's the crispy yet smooth and silky tofu! One is not enough.

Stir-fried La La with Sliced Chili $12/ $16/ $22 - after a few mouthful of the gravy, tasted XO in the dish. Though the broth was nothing out of the world, I like how the Lala's were fresh and big.

Curry Fish Head $25 - I'm never a fan of curry fish head because of all the endless bones in the fish. And most of the time, I will be having all the vegetables in the curry. For the curry here at House of Seafood, it leans towards the peranakan style - for a more 'coconutty' taste. The fish is fresh and succulent, thumbs up!

Fried Chicken with Honey Sauce $12/ $16/ $20 - nothing impressive, tasted like sweet marmite chicken but I would prefer it to be boneless though :P

Stir-fried Asparagus with XO Sauce $12/ $16/ $20 - evenly coated with XO sauce and dried shrimp, making it so fragrant. I would go for this the next time, away from the usual kai lan and cabbage. Not forgetting how crunchy this asparagus are! Shall warn you, it's addictive.

House Special Fried White Bee Hoon with XO Sauce $8/ $12/ $16 - The famous White Bee Hoon from sembawang is located few doors down and it's constantly in long queue, so how did House of Seafood score in this dish? It's slightly dry but was told that I can request for it's 'wetness' upon ordering at House of Seafood.

Our last dish before moving on to crabs - Homemade Prawn Rolls $10/ $14/ $18. Serve along with a sweet dip and generously filled prawn rolls. The water chestnut in it added the crunch at every bite. 

The highlight at House of Seafood - CRABS. Here presenting to you the 四大天王 also known as 4 heavenly king crabs. In this coming March 2015, spend $288 and get a free Oppo phone; worth $168.

I shall not say much first, here's Salted Egg Crab.

House of Seafood award winning Black Pepper Crab, voted as the best pepper crab in Singapore. It's good I must say, though I'm not a fan of black pepper dishes.

Chili Crab - not the best I had but it's still tasty.

Golden Creamy Butter Crab

After we are done having the crabs, we were then told that they actually served the crabs to us microwaved! There wasn't a big difference in the crabs - but after saying, I do noticed that it's slightly dry in the meat. It's still good for something you can have at home. Fret not, this is only available for takeaway. You will be serve fresh when dining at the restaurant.

House of Seafood is proud to present, first in Singapore microwave ready to eat crab. Simply microwave the frozen crabs for 5-15 minutes and you're ready to feast. Available in 5 flavours - Black Pepper, Chili, Salted Egg, Butter and White Pepper. One new flavour coming up.

We capped off the meal with Longan with Sea Coconut.

For the upcoming Lunar New Year 2015, House of Seafood has specially crafted 7 set menus for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Note that the above dishes mentioned are all signature items at House of Seafood, so these are highly recommended for you. (Thanks Vivienne for the pic)

Had an awesome seafood feast, big thanks to the folks at House of Seafood and Roy for the invitation. This is one of the place I would consider bringing my parents to, as they fancy local dishes more than anything. And the ambience at Punggol Settlement is a plus point, dining along the river makes dining relaxing.

House of Seafood
3 Punggol Point Road
#01-01/02 The Punggol Settlement
Singapore 828694
Tel: 6466 9000
Opening Hours: 11am-2pm, 5pm-1am

*This was an invited media tasting.

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