Tuesday 24 November 2015

Seafood in a Bucket, Sakura International Buffet @ Clementi Woods Singapore

Sakura has done it again. Ever since it's major revamped for it's YCK outlet, the Clementi Woods branch is the next outlet that promises an indulgent dining experience. Sakura's first-ever Seafood in a Bucket will delight seafood aficionados, also one of the first buffet concept to offer this bucket treat. Besides this, there will be new DIY counters such as papaya salad, Thai beef noodles and belgian waffles in this newly revamped outlet.

On top of the massive international buffet spread, Sakura is proud to announce it's newest creation, Seafood in a Bucket. It features a medley of seafood ingredients as well as parts of the live boston lobster. A rendition that pays tribute to the flavours of Singapore, the Seafood in a Bucket will be available for unlimited servings, so you can eat to your heart’s content.

The Seafood in a Bucket is prepared using the court-bouillon style. This quick-cooking method ensures that the delicate ingredients are cooked just right and to perfection. 

Two dipping sauces —spicy; and garlic herb butter— will accompany the mainstay. Both these sauces are artisanal and prepared at the outlets by the respective chefs. Relish the sweetness, tang and fieriness of the spicy sauce while the garlic herb butter sauce has a creamy consistency with the herbs enliven. The garlic herb sauce is little too buttery for my liking, I would prefer the spicy sauce.

Other than the Seafood in a Bucket, Sakura now doles out a multitude of classics from countries like Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the US, France and Singapore. Bringing you through the buffet line..

The western cuisine segment, which features pizzas, lasagna, nachos with cheese, finger food as well as a pasta station with 3 types of sauce - mushroom cream, tomato and Bolognese. 

That also includes steak with black pepper sauce, meat balls as well as baked potato.

The Clementi Woods also boasts three new DIY counters for that extra indulgence. 

The Som Tum counter is where you can create your own healthy papaya salad. Get whisked away to the heart of Thailand at the Kuai Tiao Neua station, where a piping hot bowl of Thai beef noodle soup awaits you.

The Thai beef noodles station is complete with beef slices, brisket, bean sprouts, kang kong and noodles, then finish them off with fish sauce and chilli padi. 

Moving on to our all time favorite local food, hainanese chicken rice! I was pleasantly surprise how at fragrant the chicken rice is, as well as the chicken. Many times I was disappointed in local food at a buffet line, but Sakura was on point this time. Also others like satays and boiled herbal soup.

Yet another DIY counter is the Laksa station! The gravy leans towards the rich and cocounty flavour. Made a wholesome bowl of laksa for myself, it sure looks good don't you think? 

Assorted dim sum counter with the chefs posting behind, I supposed :P

Live counter for fried oyster omelette.

Bird nest egg tart, one of my favorite item at Sakura's revamped concept. 

At the Japanese cuisine section, assorted sushis.

Sashimi freshly sliced on the spot, so fresh and good!

It's finally the desserts segment, enjoy the taste of Belgian chocolate Haagen-Dazs, accompanied by a warm molten lava cake. This divine item is available for brunch and dinner.

Last but not least, the third counter is where you can try your hands at making a Belgian Waffle by yourself. Accompanied with 5 ice cream flavours to pick from.

The overhaul of Sakura's Clementi Woods outlet is now complete, alongside with the newly added DIY Thai counter that adds another layer to the outlet's charm. Besides an array of mainstays at the revamped branch, don't forget to discover flavours of the sea with Sakura's newest concept, Seafood in a bucket.

Sakura Clementi Woods
93A Clementi Road
Singapore 129781
Tel: 6474 8197
Opening Hours: Daily
12pm - 230pm, 6pm - 930pm

*This was an invited media tasting.


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