Tuesday 4 August 2015

STREET50 Restaurant & Bar, SG50 Jubilee Menu - Bay Hotel Singapore

STREET50 Restaurant & Bar located on street level at Bay Hotel Singapore has always been popular with diners for its global flavours with a twist. And now for the coming nation's 50th birthday, STREET50 is launching a special Golden Jubilee all-day a la carte menu that will debuts officially on 1st August 2015, putting a local spin on global cuisines. Therefore churning out an array of more than 50 delights and beverages.

STEEET50 is an ideal spot for supper as it operates from 6am-4am and all cost are priced below $20, making it affordable for all diners. Executive Chef Kay shared that a better way to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday is to introduce a local twist on these international dishes.

We started off the meal with a hearty Fisherman's Soup ($8.90) featuring mixed seafood flavoured with garlic, bay leaf and white wine vinegar and served with a rustic chunk of country bread. The tomato based was comforting and average, nothing out of the world though.

For a healthier choice, you could dig into a cool yet mouthwatering Snow Crab Salad ($9.90). The fresh snow crab is seasoned with herbs and accompanied by seaweed salad with pickles, wasabi, shoyu pearls and salmon caviar. It is indeed an enjoyable and refreshing dish.

Seafood lovers shall rejoice to find that Otah By The Bay ($8.90) is crowned with manila clams, octopus, hokkaido scallops and coral garoupa. Besides the whole lot of seafood, the otah underneath is moist and tender - best eaten when it is piping hot! Could be slight more spicy though.

Bay's Spring Chicken ($14.90) is undoubtedly STREET50's signature dish. This small whole chicken is deep fried with tantalizing alay turmeric spices, served with a coleslaw salad and sweet potato fries at the side. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the chicken was flavourful and moist even at it's beast part where it's usually dry. The taste of the spices blend perfectly with the juicy tenderness of the chicken.

Another exciting new dish on it's menu is this Satay Un-Skewered ($19.90). This plate consists of a Australia lamb chop marinated in tantalising satay spice, and topped with the perennial favorite peanut sauce. Since young I do not take lamb/mutton due to the strong and pungent taste. 

Decided to try a bite and glad to find that the peanut sauce was overwhelming. Nonetheless, the well marinated meat was tender and soft. This was the crowd's favorite on that night.

Similar to our local favorite hawker food satay bee hoon, here is STREET50's rendition called Satay Bay-hoon ($14.90). The folks have cooked up rice vermicelli with cuttlefish, octopus, Californian manila clams, kang kong, chicken sate lilit, tau pok, quail eggs and capped with a delectable satay sauce. At this price and generous portion, this dish is definitely a steal.

For those of you who enjoy spicy just like how a true blue Singaporean would love it, this is for you. Sambal Saba ($16.90) is a gratinated saba fish topped with sea salt flakes, a piquant sambal onion chutney, Asian greens and lastly served with jasmine rice at the side. 

Requested for extra sambal chilli, spicy but it's so damn good especially after mixing with rice. On the other hand, the saba fish was decent.

A second salad in the midst to whets our appetite for the dishes ahead. Another new appetizer is this Land and Sea Shell Salad with Spicy Cincalok ($9.90), a shell-cculent dish of manila clams, top shells and escargots served with tangy asian achar salad and spicy cincalok dressing.

I personally still prefer the cool and refreshing Snow Crab Salad as mentioned previously.

The main courses at STREET50 is definitely the true stars of the show. This is a prime example that luxury is never a costly affair at STREET50, here's Veal Cheek Rendang ($19.90). It was really soft and full-flavoured of Rendang sauce, this is the product of 8 hours of careful braising. Highly recommended.

A unique take on popiah here while STREET50 presents you their interesting creation, Garoupa Popiah ($18.90). The tender and succulent garoupa is encased in the crisp popiah pastry, topped with tomatoes, balsamico and virgin olive oil to give the fish a distinct taste. Love the sweet tomatoes here, gives off a balance of both worlds. 

Though nothing fantastic as compared to the rendang/lamb chop, its worth trying for a healthier alternative.

A great example of east meets west in their take on the timeless Singaporean dessert - bubur cha cha. Braised yam, sweet potato, pumpkin and Japanese potato are combined with rainbow chewy and drizzled with Okinawa black sugar and coconut pandan foam to give you the Bubur Cha Cha ($9.90)

This innovation dish manages to taste even better than it sounds. Apart from it being slightly too sweet, this is a perfect dessert for me personally. And for just $9.90, I couldn't ask for more. Thumbs up.

*// Good news as you can ENJOY this as a complimentary dish. Simply flash this post or quote "jacqsowhat" to get this awesome dessert for FREE with 3 other diners - at least 3 main courses ordered. Redemption is available from now till 31st Aug 2015. 

If you're looking for something stronger and exotic, you may want to try Durian Pengat ($8.90). While they paired with iconic durian pengat with a emerald pandan jelly to achieve a dessert that represent the national fruit of Singapore. The pandan jelly gives off light notes that balance the overall, however I would prefer to go without the jelly as the flavours didn't quite blend together.

Undeniably, STREET50's newly launched Jubilee menu offers a range of affordable yet flavours with a twist. With the highest cost of $19.90 in their menu, you can savour quality food that is gentle on the wallet. Whether global or local cuisine your crave is, go with STREE50 at almost anytime round the clock, from 6am - 4am.

STREET50 Restaurant & Bar
Bay Hotel Singapore
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098828
Tel: 6818 6681
Opening: 6am-4am daily
Promotion: 20% off for new Golden Jubilee a la carte menu

*This was an invited media tasting.

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