Monday 10 August 2015

E!GHT Korean BBQ @ The Central, Clarke Quay

E!GHT is a Korean BBQ restaurant whose specialty is samgyeopsal also known as pork belly akin to incured bacon, are served in 8 different interesting marinations. This establishment is also from the same folks who brought you Joo BarAmidst the many Korean BBQ establishments in Singapore, 8 Korean BBQ has stood out due to their quality of meats and service after my first visit with them.

Serving only mangalica pork, 8 Korean BBQ has been known for being distinct in terms of offerings for Korean BBQ. They make its debut at The Central at Clarke Quay and offers an array of tantalising premium BBQ meats in a sleek industrial chic setting. 

The sleek customised BBQ tables at E!GHT feature two stoves that accommodate both grilling and stewing simultaneously. 

We had the korean roasted barley tea at $2 per glass. Of course, no Korean BBQ is complete without a customary round of gregarious libations. The alcoholic selection is duly comprehensive with the Korean Hite Beer ($8), Chamisul Soju ($20), Korean Rice Wine ($20), and Korean Raspberry Wine ($35). The combination is pure goodness.

E!GHT is named after its eponymous 8 Colours Set, which features scrumptious slices of Mangalitza pork belly in an array of flavours. With a well-trained team at this full-service Korean restaurant, you can simply sit back and enjoy the silky mangalica as servers grill the meats to perfection for you.

As usual in a Korean dining, we started off with 6 sides as well as kimchi and mung bean sprouts. I love how rich the kimchi is especially after it is drenched with flavour from the bbq-ing of pork belly.

8 Colour Set Version 2.0 - The version 2.0 of their eponymous 8 Colour Set features marinades with sweeter notes. As reflected in the flavours, version 2.0 plays on more uncommon ingredients for savoury dishes: Pine, Yucha, Honey Ginger & Kalbi are hot favourites amongst most. 

E!GHT’s signature 8 Colours Set ($98) ̧ suitable for three to four diners, is a veritable treatise on the wide-ranging flavours that complement this Mangalitza pork. Mouth-watering strips of thick-cut pork belly are flavoured in eight different ways. Each strip, approximately 100g each, is elegantly rolled up and presented on a custom-made wooden tray.

For those seeking a smaller version of this meal, the 4 Colours Set ($58) is available and ideal for two diners.

Flavours (Lightest - Heaviest): Original, Pine, Green Tea, Yucha (Yuzu),
Plum, Blackberry, Honey Ginger, Kalbi.

The friendly folks at 8 Korean BBQ will grill and prepare the meat for you at your table. Very thoughtful of them to provide an oil paper over the meat, to prevent the oil from splattering. 

One of the most popular dishes in Korea, Army stew is usually a must-have when visiting the land of K-POP. In it. you'll find ham, spam, baked beans, pork belly, cheese, sliced sausages, and instant noodles in a spicy broth. The combination gives you a slightly thicker stew as the cheese melts, with a whole lot of goodness. No doubt, this is the best comfort food.

$24 (a la carte) | $6 top up (set)

Pork takes centre-stage here and E!GHT has gone the whole hog in bringing in high quality cuts by importing 100% Mangalitza pork from the Hungary. Beef lovers are not forgotten as E!GHT offers a choice of USDA Prime Beef and Kagoshima Wagyu starting from $38 onwards

Best way of eating and I have to admit 8 Korean BBQ has got to be one of the best place for high quality Korean grilled meat. They were lean yet fatty on the edge, giving a balance of tenderness and juiciness.

Also had the pleasure to try their Kimcheese Fried Rice, a comforting dish that is great for sharing. I like how it slightly charred at the bottom of the hotplate after awhile, the kimchi taste could be more distinct though.

Bibimbap Bingsu $28, a dessert bearing some resemblance to the signature savory Korean dish, Bibimbap. The ingredients in this case is represent by 8 different toppings such as azuki, Oreo, kiwis, mangoes and more.

With a choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce for each bingsu. At 28 bucks, it is good for sharing among 3-4 pax after a meaty meal at 8 Korean BBQ. Also ideal to cool yourself from the current humid weather here.

Available on weekdays 1130am-230pm and weekends 1130am-430pm.

The spacious restaurant seats 98 comfortably indoors. Diners can also request for a table in the al fresco area to revel in the beautiful view of Clarke Quay and the Singapore River. Besides the a la carte barbecue menu, E!GHT also offers a variety of lunch time specials like 8 Colours Bibimbap ($16). Overall, probably one of the higher quality experience I had for Korean BBQ. The best thing about here is you don't really reek of oil as I'm rather particular about it. It's definitely not as strong as other bbq places but the service needs to be improve.

E!GHT Korean BBQ
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-79/90, The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6222 2159
Opening Hours - Lunch: 11am-230pm (LO 2pm)
Dinner: 530pm-1030pm (LO 10pm)

*This was an invited media tasting. 


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