Tuesday 9 August 2016

Seoul Jjimdak - Korean Braised Chicken, City Square Mall Singapore

I have been a frequent visitor to City Square Mall (at Farrer Park MRT Station) due to the fact that I stay along NEL and the opening of Seoul Jjimdak adds on to my list of food around my hood. As the name goes, Seoul Jjimdak specializes in Jjimdak - also known as Korean braised chicken simmered in ganjang sauce together with vegetables. 

Besides their specialty dish Jjimdak, the extensive menu also offers many side dishes like Seafood Pancake, Kimchi Tofu Stew as well as interesting fusion items like Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki and Kimchi Cheese fries.

A table of hearty Korean food calls for a toast. We had the Yakult Soju $20.90 - basically yakult mixed with Korean Soju, like a glass of Calpis flavored cocktail. Refreshing and this jar can feed up to 4 pax.

One of the thing I love about dining in a Korean restaurant is the Banchan (side dishes), it does whet one's appetite. Unfortunately instead of having big crunchy slices of kimchi here, it was in tiny bits that we find it hard to enjoy.

I could still vividly remember the first time I had this interesting dish, it was at  SYNC Korean Bistro and it left me a good impression. Thus, I was stoked to try this upon seeing it on Seoul Jjimdak's menu. This Kimchi Cheese Fries $6.90 was massive, both the portion and cheese. However, the melted cheese kind of overpowered the kimchi underneath and regrettably not able to enjoy the flavour of the kimchi much.

My favorite dish at any Korean eatery - Steamed Egg $9.90. I personally enjoy the soft and fluffy egg texture, with a hint of sesame oil fragrant. Honestly, most of the time I didn't order this due to the fact that some restaurants price them at a ridiculous cost of over 15 bucks. Anyway, I'm glad that Seoul Jjimdak scores in terms of affordability.

This is something that everyone would 'wah' over - Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki $11.90. The texture and flavour of the tteokbokki was good except the type of cheese used wasn't to my liking. A question of personal preference I guess.

What's a Korean feast without Korean pancakes? Here's Seafood Pancake $14.90, perfectly pan-fried with green onions, prawns and squids with crispy edges and dense texture within. Accompanied with the dipping sauce for jeon (pancake in Korean), this is pretty good.

Comfort food and a classic Korean dish that most people would order - Army Stew $33.90. This homemade spicy kimchi stew consists of several ingredients and this massive portion can feed up 3 pax.

The first time I had Jjimdak was at Andong Zzimdak when it first opened at Raffles City and has fallen in love with this classic dish since then. Seoul Jjimdak $33.90 is perfect for sharing among 2 to 4 with a choice of boneless or bone, while a mini boneless Jjimdak is also available at $12.90 for 1 pax.

This popular Korean dish is braised chicken in soya sauce which consists of chopped chicken, rice cakes, potatoes, vegetables and chewy glass potato noodles. With a little bit of spiciness, this dish is rather enjoyable and best pair with a bowl of rice. I actually wish the sauce to be richer and thicker so the chicken parts were able to absorb the flavour.

Seoul Jjimdak serves hearty Korean food for all ages and certainly scores high in terms of affordability. Hits and misses in some of the dishes but the location and pricing won my heart. Do come as a group because the portion can be quite massive and best to share. And to celebrate the nation's 51st birthday, enjoy a 51% off for Army Stew till 31st August 2016, from 1130am to 3pm daily!

Seoul Jjimdak
City Square Mall, #05-04
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6634 2668
1130am - 10pm daily
Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park

*This was an invited media tasting.

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