Wednesday 24 September 2014

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro - Westgate Mall, Jurong

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro powered by Samsung is located in Westgate Mall, a stone throw away from Jurong East MRT. Sync is basically a modern Korean restaurant serving Korean dishes with a twist, infusing Korean cuisine and western fare. The bistro has just open it's doors recently, bringing good food with technology to the people in a stylish and comfortable ambience. 

Westgate is like an far island to me as I stay in the east, but I've to admit that the west side is bustling with many shopping and unique dining options. Anyway, Sync bistro is powered by Samsung so don't be surprise to see latest Samsung gadgets everywhere. I'm always a big fan of Korean food, you will know how cray I am after reading on my Seoul travelogue. I'm glad to have the privilege to attend a food tasting session at Sync. 

Toppoki w Fried bacon & Egg ($7.90) - a hotplate of toppoki glazed in spicy sweet sauce sprinkled with fried bacon and crowned with soft boiled egg. Does this sound awesome to you? I was blown away at how well these ingredients goes together. The runny egg was, oh gosh. Must try!

Korean Chicken Wings $6.90 (3 Pieces) - drizzle over with Korean spicy sauce onto the crispy chicken wings. The best way to eat this, have it while it's hot!

// It's for sharing during the food tasting, that's why you see 4 pcs in the photo instead of 3.

Kimchi Cheese Fries ($6.90) - fries topped with kimchi and generous serving of nacho cheese. I was like "No way is kimchi gonna go well together with cheese". But I was proved wrong at that first bite. A twist in the flavour to a whole new level. The taste is indescribable, it's just so addictive. Serious.

Moving on to some of the mains, here's Jajangmyeon $12.90 - a noodle dish topped with salty black soybean, together with diced pork and vegetables. The sesame oil were well infused in the dish will makes it smell really good. Overall, I think it's quite average - similar to our chinese dish, Zha Jiang Miam.

K-pop Stew $14.90 - slurp up your golden hotpot of Budae Jjigage, which also means army stew. Why is it called army stew? It's because this dish is originated during the Korean war when people had little to eat. This is where they throw whatever else that was available such as hotdogs, instant noodles into a large pot and boil. 

This dish reminded me of Korean variety like Family Outing & Running Man where they have to cook during the show. Overall, there were quite a number of ingredients in it as well as dumplings. Daebak!

Bibimbap $12.90 - it's basically a signature Korean dish. It's served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with kimchi, vegetables, egg and usually meat. The Gochujang (chilli pepper paste) and Doenjang (soy sauce) is serve separately, allowing you to pour the amount at your own preference and stir together after. It is best served hot. Add with caution, the Gochujang can get really spicy!

Jap Chae with Beef $11.90 - you can add $2.50 for extra beef. One of my favourite mains so far, it is a korean dish made of sweet potato noodles stir fried in sesame oil and vegetables. The beef instantly 'Wow' me with it's softness and taste. Though a simple dish but the noodles were really springy.

Ginger Yuzu $6 - don't get fool by the way it looks, yet another refreshing beverage on the list.

Here's the desserts and also the highlight at Sync bistro, ending off the meal with flowing lava cakes of 3 different flavours. I was amazed at the unique flavours offered - Matcha, Taro and Red Bean lava cakes. It's probably not a Korean dish but trust me, it's a satisfying sore throat dessert. I would travel all the way to Westgate for this - Daebakkkk.

Matcha Lava Cake $7.90 - served with a scoop of matcha ice cream. It's rich in flavour, gooey and wasn't too sweet in that soft warm cake. It's probably one of the best Matcha Lava cake in town. In my opinion, the infused green tea cake is the winner among the rest. It's pure goodness.

Taro Lava Cake $7.90 - served with a scoop of yam ice cream. It's my first time having a Taro flavoured lava cake, it's actually white chocolate with yam filling. If you love Taro pies from Burger King, you will definitely be crazy in love with this.

Red Bean Lava Cake $7.90 - served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I'm a huge fan of anything red bean and when I came to know that Sync serves Red bean lava cake - I know I've to try this. It's also white chocolate with red bean filling, rich and sweet in flavour.  I can have this everyday - Yes I swear.

A causal-chic corner to chill and enjoy your favourite Korean TV dramas and experience the latest Samsung gadgets with free apps download. Get wired up with free Wi-Fi to enjoy, Sync aims to create a vibrant and lifestyle destination to connect people. Feels cosy and homely.

Outdoor seating available with comfortable chairs and sofas, chill your night away with Soju.

Sync is the first technologically enhanced bistro in allowing higher quality of life through smart use of innovation. Overall, I had a great dinning experience at Sync Bistro. Good food and technology. Head down to Sync if you want to experience tantalising treats of Korean-western fusion in a fun and tech-savvy ambience. Full menu can be found here.

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro
3 Gateway Drive, 
#03-01/01A, Westgall Mall
(Level 3 of Samsung Store)
Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm daily
Tel: 6369 9913
Nearest Station: Jurong East MRT

*This was an invited media tasting.

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