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Seorae Singapore, Korean Charcoal BBQ @ Plaza Singapura

Fans of the popular K drama, Descendants of the Sun would have known that Seorae, Korea's charcoal barbecue concept restaurant is featured in one of the scene. Now that it has arrived on our shores, Seorae Singapore brings their signature galmaegisal, also known as pork skirt meat to locals to enjoy. And now besides Seoul and Busan, the popular Korean bbq chain has a presence in major cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong etc.

The extensive menu offers almost everything you need to complete your korean bbq experience at Seorae. Along with a selection of premium pork, beef cuts and bbq set, Seorae Singapore also offers its rendition of spicy tofu stew, Sundubu Jjigae, served with minced pork, fresh vegetables and clams, and a wide variety of pat bingsu, Korean shaved ice desserts, such as Gangnam Bingsu with popcorn and caramel, and Sinsa Patbingsu with fresh honeydew.

What I love about Korean dining, side dishes! From kimchi to bean sprouts, best way to whet your appetite.

Had the privilege to try the 5 different types of makkoli here at Seorae. FYI, makkoli is a slightly sweet alcoholic beverage native to Korea that is made from rice mixed with nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter. At $12.90 for each makkoli mix, there were the Blue Hawaii, Green Apple, Lychee, Mango and Strawberry. Also, you can opt for the 5-in-1 Makkoli mix at $39.90 or even the Watermelon Soju $17.90/$25.90 which make a good choice. too.

Having Korean BBQ the local way, pair them grilled meat with Soju! The Soju Bomb actually consists of small cups of soju shots and after it is knocked and dropped into a cup of beer, literally 'bomb'. The pricing goes at $20 for 2 glasses, $29/ 4 glasses, $39/ 6 glasses and $49/ 8 glasses.

Seorae has a few cooking methods when comes with different cuts of meat. Using Seorae’s special ‘circle grilling’ technique, the galmaegisal, marinated in a delicious blend of Korean spices, is grilled to perfection. Full of rich flavours, tender and juicy, the taste of galmaegisal resembles that of wagyu beef. Along with silky folds of egg, the galmaegisal is accompanied by melted cheese on the grill!

Galmaegisal is found between the ribs and the belly of the pig and is a unique cut that forms only 250 grams of every full-grown pig. Said to have been served exclusively to the Royal Family of Korea in ancient times, Seorae Singapore now offers this kingly dining experience to all. 

Love the texture of the egg that is grilled to soft and silky on the pan, alongside with cheese and kimchi together. Besides offering galmaegisal, Seorae Singapore also provide a wide selection of premium pork and beef cuts, traditional jigae (Korean stews), refreshing cold noodles as well as other delectable Korean dishes. The following are some of the meat cuts that I had and would recommend:

1. King Galmaegisal 3 in 1 (Original, garlic-soy sauce, spicy marinades, 500g): $49.90 
2. Three Musketeers (Samgyeobsal - pork belly): $29.90
3. Hangjeongsal (Pork neck): $19.90
4. Woosamgyeob (Beef belly): $22.90
5. LA Galbi (US Prime beef bone-in short ribs): $29.90
6. Jinkkotsal (Wagyu beef boneless short ribs): $37.90

Apart from the special ‘circle grilling’ technique, there is another type of grill pan that is used to cook pork belly. I appreciate how Seorae pays attention to the little details of cooking different meat to achieve a quality Korean BBQ experience. And no doubt that grilling over charcoal creates more flavorful food than gas grill!

Besides the Spicy Tofu Stew $14.90 which I specially love, there are also Haemul Pajeon (Korean pancake with green onions and seafood) $17.90 and Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi pancake): $17.90. Both of the Korean pancake are nicely pan-fried to perfection which gives a crisp texture and serves with a spicy soy dipping sauce. I prefer the Haemul Pajeon personally because of the omelette like texture.

What's a Korean restaurant without the ever-popular patbingsu (Korean shaved-ice dessert) right? There's a Korean dessert house stationed in Seorae where they just specialise in making Bingsu. With numerous flavours of 10 different types here, I was looking forward to their various renditions.

Apgujeong Bingsu $14.90 is the signature bingsu among the rest. It is basically a cheese flavoured bingsu which has all things cheese such as cheese, cheese sauce, cheese cake, cheese wafer and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The overall cheese was kinda overwhelming for me to enjoy but I'm sure any cheese fan will find joy in this.

Seorae's rendition of green tea bingsu, Chungmuro Patbingsu $9.90. The shaved ice is topped with cornflakes, pat (red bean), green tea powder and a scoop of matcha ice cream. Enjoyed this, can't go wrong with matcha bingsu!

The other 3 we had was Bibim Patbingsoo $12.90, which is basically a fruit bingsu that is topped with various chopped fruits, pat and strawberry sauce. And yes it resembles a bimbimbap as you can see. 

Next was the Namdaemun Bingsu $12.90 that consists of cornflakes, coffee jelly and topped with rum and raisin ice cream. It was pretty simple on this one while it focus more on the alcoholic side. Itaewon Bingsu $12.90 is another one that contains alcohol, which includes irish cream, coffee jelly, cornflakes and vanilla ice cream.

Credit: Seorae // Seorae's Managing Director posing
The life-sized Captain Yoo Si Jin poster is right at the entrance of Seorae, fans of DOTS snap away!

Credit: Seorae
Your quintessential Korean barbecue dining experience can now be enjoyed in the heart of town at Plaza Singapura. The interior is decked out in retro interiors inspired by the bustling streets of Seoul from the ‘70s, and you can huddle around the grill and relish in authentic Korean vibes while eating. Love this space, feels like being back in Seoul.

Late night dining promotion
From 8.30pm onwards, customers who dine-in at Seorae get to enjoy 2 Soju Bombs (worth $20.00) OR 1 Patbingsoo free with $60 minimum spend.

Seorae Singapore
Plaza Singapura #02-01
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6238 8429
Sun - Thurs: 1130am - 10pm (L.O 930pm)
Fri - Sat: 1130am - 11pm (L.O 1030pm)

*This was invited media tasting.


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