Friday 10 June 2016

On Lok Yun, Traditional Breakfast in Bangkok

I'm pretty sure this place is no stranger to many Singaporeans, On Lok Yun is a traditional eatery that has been around for more than 80 years. It is situated in the vicinity of Bangkok's Chinatown, serving traditional breakfast fare with a twist of Thai-style American. It's my second visit here and still loving their fluffy toast and kaya jam.

This traditional establishment reminds of our local eatery, Chin Mee Chin confectionery. Everything here is old and conventional, even the cabinets and tables. We stayed at Pratunum area during our trip and we uber to On Lok Yun for less than 80 baht. I arrived at 10am on both my visits and was pleasantly surprise to find no crowd in this charm.

Most of their customers are usually tourist so having an English menu is rather essential. The menu is pretty extensive for a typical traditional breakfast which includes toast, eggs and coffee. With description and prices all written on the menu sheet, ordering process at On Lok Yun is quick and easy.

What's breakfast in Thailand without having their cha yen right! This Iced Cha Yen (Milk Tea) 25฿ is rich and packed with flavour. If I could use a local term, I would say it's really 'gao'.

We actually ordered all the different toast on the menu except the one with strawberry jam which we finds it pretty normal. All the toast were really soft and fluffy while still retain that crispiness on the edges. The one I adore most is the bread with condensed milk! At 27฿, this sweet dish is my kind of breakfast.

Bread with butter and sugar 23฿

The French Toast comes in 2 sizes, the small and large at 35฿ and 70฿ respectively. We had the small one that is deep fried in a pool of egg, it was oily and felt like we were having omelette with bread stuffed instead.

The Kaya Bread 28฿  was one of the highlight for me too. The homemade egg custard (kaya) was fragrant and sweet, best when dipped with the plain buns. We also had the biggest all day breakfast 95฿ plate which comes with 2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausages and lup cheong (Chinese sausage).

On Lok Yun is a classic spot to start your first meal, serving inexpensive traditional breakfast fare. This gem now is usually filled with tourists and sometimes a couple of older Thai folks where they leisurely sip their coffee here. Moreover, it's rare to see such tradition dining places these days.

On Lok Yun
72 Charoen Krung Road
Talat Noi, Samphanthawong
Bangkok 10100
Opens daily: 530am - 4pm
Transport via Taxi (Tell driver beside the old siam plaza)



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  2. This looks delicious! I can't believe how many different dishes are included - it's enough to make your mouth water. I definitely need to try this traditional breakfast in Bangkok.


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