Wednesday 20 April 2016

The Da Bang, Korean Cafe @ Tanjong Pagar Road

Joining the explosive cafe scene here in Singapore is The dabang, a rustic cafe serving Australian brunch and dessert with a Korean twist and it is situated in the CBD vicinity of Tanjong Pagar. The dabang is a cafe by day and other concept 'Don't Tell Mama' operates by night, where by it is a Korean-Mexican fusion bistro.

The folks behind The Dabang is actually by Korean fried chicken joint Chicken Up and here they dishes out modern western brunch with a Korean twist. Upon hearing the fusion, I was curious yet skeptical to what The Dabang has to offer. Anyway, I arrived on a Saturday noon to a half filled cafe, accompany with great music and ambience.

The beverages menu was rather extensive, ranging from coffee to ice cubes drink to flavored milk. There were a number of unique drinks and we decided to go with Ice Cubes Mocha $9, Strawberry Latte $7 as well as Blueberry Milk $6. The espresso is chilled as ice cubes and topped over with chocolate milk which very much gives you mocha.

Where else the Strawberry Latte only comes chilled and it was horrid. Topped with a slab of thick whipped cream and strawberry puree at the bottom, we can't really drink them through a straw. However, the saving grace among these was the Blueberry Milk - perfectly flavored milk, babies drink. There were bingsu as well but it was mega size.

Something different on their plating, most of their mains are served in stainless steel instrument trays. I was actually craving for some brunch food that day so I ordered The Big Breakfast $18. It consists of bacon, 2 eggs cooked your way, button mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, chipolata sausages served with toasted dark rye bread. Honestly, these are the typical things that one can cook at home. I wouldn't mind if it's nice though.

The previous dish was obviously a wrong choice and so the next main we had is Bulgogi Panini $12. There is an Korean accent in this dish which is made up of marinated beef slices, onions, mushrooms, rocket salad, cheese and bulgogi sauce served on ciabatta bread. I love the overall combination, the marinated meat crosses between sweet and savory. At every bite, the juice flavour in the grilled meat comes out and of so much win.

The Dabang starts serving brunch items as early as 730 am for weekdays and after 5pm, the menu turns into a Korean Mexican fusion serving items such as kimchi fries, As well as a wide offering of soju and beer to pair with bar bites. The food were decent though nothing fantastic, it was bit pricey for certain items and I won't be in a rush to revisit.

The Dabang
52 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088473
Tel: 6221 2007
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 730am - 5pm
Sat & Sun: 930am - 6pm


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