Wednesday 6 April 2016

[CLOSED] I SEE i SEE, Ice Popsicles From Hong Kong Opens At 313 Somerset

Handcrafted ice pop brand, I SEE i SEE from Hong Kong has arrived in Singapore, centrally nestled at 313@Somerset, level B3. It's their first international outpost and these popsicle is no doubt a welcome treat from Singapore's humid weather. I SEE i SEE serves a range of fruit and milk-based ice pops with no added preservatives or coloring.

Credit: I SEE i SEE

Most flavours are made with high natural fruit content as a result of blending fresh fruits. There are about 8 to 12 flavours on display at any one time, and occasional specials on rotation.

Besides having the perfect taste and texture, I SEE i SEE also pamper consumers with beautiful packaging and a personalised touch for that feel-good experience. Each ice pop stick and colourful takeaway cup is decorated with a quirky quote written in calligraphy. At my first visit, I tried the following 4 flavours:   (*Recommended)

Earl Grey Pistachio ($6.90) – One of their best sellers, the Earl Grey Pistachio creation is intensely flavoured due to the use of freshly brewed Earl Grey tea. Together with crushed pistachios sprinkled onto the ice pop and cup. *

Refreshing Kiwi ($5.90) – The combination of freshly sliced and pureed kiwi boast a high fruit content. *

Strawberry Hokkaido Milk ($6.90) – This rendition is creamy as it is made with fresh U.S. imported strawberries that have been sliced and blended with Hokkaido Tokusen 3.6 milk. *

Juicy Honeydew ($5.90) – Tasted like ice blended honeydew juice with sliced of honeydew.

Back here again to try more flavours because I've heard good reviews about the durian ice pop! From clockwise:

Stinky Durian ($7.90) – It indeed satisfy a durian craving with this icy treat crammed with fresh durian pulp and puree. It was rich and felt like I was having the real durian. Love it. *

Creamy Mango ($6.90) – Made with fresh mango puree and decorated with mango slices, this ice pop boast a gorgeous creamy texture. If you are a fan of mango sago dessert, this is definitely for you.

Cheesy Raspberry ($6.90) – Their interpretation of a raspberry cheesecake, this treat boasts fresh raspberries in the middle, complemented by cream cheese.

Mixed Berries & Orange ($6.90) – My favorite ice pop flavour among all. A fruity and refreshing ice pop of mix berries with a zest of orange. Love this combination, must try. *

This prices for these ice pop range from $5.90 to $7.90 depending of the flavours you pick. This is no doubt a great remedy for this humid weather we have in Singapore, especially the fruity flavours which are absolutely refreshing. There are plenty of options in Somerset's food hall, some may argue that they rather pay $6.90 for llao llao instead. It really depends on individual, some days I would love to have a fruity ice popsicles to quench my thirst.

313 @ Somerset, #B3 - 46
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895 
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily
Tel: 6509 6608



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