Sunday 13 March 2016

[CLOSED] The Bao Makers, Cafe & Bakery @ Horne Road

As the shop name goes, The Bao Makers is a concept store serving buns which also known as Bao (包) to many locals. The Baos we are talking about here are the Chinese style steamed buns, the term which I believed we all know - Kong Bak Bao. Located along Horne Road, just so you know it has taken over the space that was previously occupied by Windowsill Pies.

Unlike the previous 'in the woods' kind of decor adapted by Windowsill Pies, The Bao Makers has it's store blanket in modern industrial interiors as well as wooden benches and tables. Besides serving Baos, there were also mains such as katsu don and pasta, as well as desserts and sides.

These are the six different types of Bao flavours - Classic, Nanban Chicken, Chili Crab, Teriyaki Chicken, Salted Egg Shrimps and Bulgogi. The price varies from $4.80 to $5.80 with the seafood being the most expensive. The color of the buns you see in the photo refers to steamed and deep-fried.

With the Entertainer App, we had 4 baos for the price of 2. This is an awesome app if you dine out often. Anyway, there is a minimum of 2 baos per order. So here's the Teriyaki Chicken $5.30 - deep fried chicken glazed in teriyaki sauce. This was pretty decent, probably my least favorite among the rest.

This was the best among all, here is Chili Crab $5.80. With generous portion of succulent crab meat drenched in chili sauce and served together in deep fried bun, this is the win.

Another seafood flavour, Salted Egg Shrimp $5.80. With 4 huge shrimps within, they were stir-fry with salted egg sauce. Unfortunately, the salted egg sauce weren't distinctive enough. Pretty subtle.

Lastly, a Korean fusion in the making - Bulgogi $5.30. The sliced pork is stir-fry in Korean hot pepper sauce (Gochujang) and onions. My second favorite here and it goes really well with the deep fried bun.

This is probably the most hip bao store, serving buns with different kinds of fillings. On the other hand, some may quickly reject the idea of having kong bak bao for that expensive price tag of $5. But no doubt, it is something different from the usual eggs Benedict and pancakes. Nonetheless, I love the the quiet space here with free WiFi, a great space for catching up with work and a cuppa.

The Bao Makers
78 Horne Road
Singapore 209078
Tel: 6291 2330
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm-10pm
Sat & PH: 11am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm


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