Tuesday 29 March 2016

Keisuke Kani King, Crab Broth Ramen @ Cathay Cineleisure

Following the success of Lobster King that recently opened this year, Keisuke ramen chain burst into the ramen scene once again with it's eleventh concept store - Crab broth ramen. As the name goes, Kani King serves signature crab broth ramen in five different styles. Opens till 2am during the weekends, this is an ideal spot for supper after a movie.

Just like any Keisuke ramen branch, your table will have everything you need including free boiled eggs and bean sprouts. These appetisers adds an extra boost to your ramen fix at Keisuke. Like your usual ramen dining, you will be given an order slip to tick your ramen preference. 

The only sides to pair along with your crab ramen is Gyoza - either 3, 5 or 10 pieces which goes at a dollar each. The gyozas were decent with a slight crisp skin and definitely a perfect pair to a hot bowl of ramen.

For a egg fanatic like myself, I did not hesitate and went straight with Kani Tama Ramen $13.90. Rest on top of the ramen is a fluffy layer of fried omelette with pieces of surimi, I actually wish real crab meat is used. Anyway, the broth leans towards a richer flavour so I suggest you tick light if you prefer something light, depending on your palate.

Among the 5 styles, one of them is the Spicy Crab Broth Ramen $14.90. Additional flavoured egg goes at $2 while all toppings would be $4. If you fancy an extra oomph in your ramen, this spicy ramen would be the right bowl for you. It was rich and intense, together with the spiciness which adds a kick to complement the broth.

Besides the crab broth ramen, we also tried the Crab Tsukemen $13.90 which is also known as dipping noodles. If you have extra stomach space, you may want to opt for the Special $18.90 which includes all toppings - pork belly chashu, flavoured eggs, pork loin, seaweed and bamboo shoots. The tsukemen noodle is slightly different to the usual ramen, where some didn't like the texture. The dip on the other hand was rich and flavourful but I'm more keen to try the clear broth as it was sold out that day.

The verdict between Kani King and Lobster King still varies by many people but I personally prefer the former. Located in the heart of Orchard road, it is absolutely convenient and no doubt a prefect spot for a post movie supper since it opens till late at 2am during the weekends. With five different styles of crab ramen, I believe everyone can find something here to suit their taste bud in any form.

Keisuke Kani King
#01-03 Cathay Cineleisure
8 Grange Road
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6262 6968
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-10pm
Fri & PH Eve: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-2am
Sat: 12pm - 2am
Sun & PH: 12pm-10pm 


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