Wednesday 9 March 2016

Menya Takeichi, Tokyo's Number 1 Chicken Ramen Chain @ Eat At Seven, Suntec City

The latest concept joining Eat At Seven, Suntec City is Menya Takeichi, Tokyo's number 1 chicken ramen chain. The restaurant is lauded as Tokyo's top chicken ramen chain, with several outlets in Tokyo. Something different from the usual classic tonkotsu based ramen, Menya Takeichi offers collagen-rich broth, which is the culmination of simmering fresh chicken and chicken feet for long hours. 

The restaurant's signature recipe is the Chicken Paitan Ramen, a best-selling dish that has led the brand to open 40 stores in Japan in 4 years. In Tokyo, the original and shoyu flavours are the overall two best sellers.

If you like the best of both worlds here at Menya Takeichi, you can opt to go for the two sets above. Just top up $3.50 to  $5.50 for an extra bowl of rice or both the rice and gyozas.

There were 4 types of chicken ramen on the menu, Special Rich Shoyu Ramen $16.50, Special Rich Shio Ramen $16.50, Special Rich Spicy Ramen $17.50 and Special Ramen $15.50. All toppings are the same with 3 different kind of chicken meats - chicken breast, chicken ball and grilled chicken. Anyway, Shoyu is basically soy sauce based broth while Shio is salt based. There's 3 kinds of Tsukemen on the menu too.

I would prefer the Special Ramen, I could taste the distinctive collagen and chicken flavour. If the collagen rich soup is too thick, you can opt to add clear soup to it. This clear soup is made from bonito flakes, which impart an umami flavour.

The dining experience here goes beyond the famed chicken ramen. Besides ramen, other sides include this Potato Salad $7 - Mentaiko on potato salad and poached egg on Nikumiso.

Other menu mainstays include the Chicken Ball Rice $7 served with onsen egg. I personally like the portion, just right for me. If you love egg yolk all over your rice, this is definitely for you.

For something 'dry' on the rice, you may go for Chicken Tempura Rice $8. Menya Takeichi source the freshest chicken to prepare most of their dishes, so it's of quality and taste. It's not dry in texture.

At a chicken specialist store, how can we not miss the fried chicken right. Here's moist chicken tenders, fried to a crispy exterior with tempura batter - Chicken Tempura with Tartar sauce $8.

It was a good chicken ramen experience, something different from the usual tonkotsu based. Here at Menya Takeichi, no pork or lard is use in the dishes. The best-selling dish chicken paitan ramen is a consistent entry in Supleks ramen database, the largest ramen-related website in Japan. The slurp-worthy broth brims with collagen goodness is a great chicken ramen experience.

Menya Takeichi
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-313, Singapore 038983
Tel: 6235 3386
Opening Hours: 1130am-2pm, 530pm-10pm

*This was an invited media tasting.

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