Saturday 19 March 2016

Portico Favorites High Tea @ Portico Prime, Dempsey Hill

Dempsey is no doubt a great spot to unwind and spending a day off, tucked away in the lush surroundings. To get accompanied with this beautiful high tea set from Portico Prime will definitely take some stress away. The newly launched high tea comes in a 4-tier rack, consists of meticulously handcrafted bites and gorgeously plated in a garden sort of concept.

Portico Prime serves modern European cuisine in a stunning venue with high ceilings, as well as Al fresco dining if you want to enjoy some greenery. Portico Prime at Dempsey is also Portico's newest venue, featuring richer and more robust versions of European Portico flavours.

Free Flow of Tea & Coffee

The Poritco Favorites high tea includes a choice of free flow for either Coffee or Tea. The coffee beans used are from Dutch Colony, features a smooth and slight bitterness taste. Caffeine addicts will find joy in this option because it's free flow of latte / flat white all day er day.

If you can't take too much coffee like myself, you can opt to go for Tea from Twinings instead! All tea pot comes with Pollenation's honey and baked biscotti. That's not all - there are 8 types of tea flavours to pick from such as Earl Grey, Rose Garden Tea, English Breakfast, Mint, Camomile etc.


Before indulging into the rack of heaven, we kicked off with starter. This plate of goodness features:

- Crostini of Asian-cured salmon gravlax, coriander creme fraiche
- Chilled truffle-scented angel hair pasta, avruga caviar, kawa ebi shrimps
- Skewer of tiger prawn, compressed melon sheet, tobiko roe and brandy sauce

Every item here is meticulously handmade - from wrapping the prawn in melon sheet to small chopped cured salmon on toast. The pasta has to be eaten chilled, as it may turn salty if it is left out in the heat for long. Taste otherwise was good and apparently it is one of their signature dish in the menu, which cost $28 for ala carte.

After starter, we finally moved on to this rack of 4-tier set which consists of about 12 petite items - both savory and sweets, as well as scones. The head chef, Charlene mentioned to us that they want to focus more on the desserts because after all it's 'high tea'. So this explains the proportion for savory and desserts, 3/8.

*Please note that we have 4 pax having this high tea set, so our portion comes in 4 for each item.


Starting off from the most bottom tier, where all the savory items are. With a twist of local fusion, they are:

- Eclair of Singapore-style chili crab meat
- Fish 'otak otak' toast
- Squid and salted egg croquette

These petite savory bites were delightful, with a taste of familiarity. Honestly, most of the high tea sets in Singapore serves sandwiches such as ham & cheese, egg mayo that sort of spread that bores people. Instead of serving quantity, we are talking about substance here at Portico.

Petite Sweets

Moving on to sweets, which belongs to the top 3 tiers of the rack. These petite sized desserts are handcrafted and prepare fresh daily by hand. If you're a fan of sweets in your high tea, this is for you.

- Bandung rose cream, strawberry and lychee tart
- Marsala chia tea cake, honey ginger cream, orange confit
- Homemade carrot cake, maple cream cheese frosting, toasted walnuts
- Mini deconstructed black forest
- Chilled cheesecake, mango gel, mini passionfruit spheres
- Baked apple crumble tart, sweet basil cream

From the description of the desserts, you could already tell how much effort the chef had put in to explore the little details. The time and meticulous attention in making these cakes has led us feeling amazed because there were really good, be it taste and appearance.

Cookies & Chocolates

I'm sure the folks at Portico aims to bring you the best high tea ever because wow, after all these cakes and tarts, there are the cookies and chocolate bars too. These peanut butter cookies and chocolate bar comes as a form of bites with a crunch. Love how we get to experience different taste and texture throughout.

- Pistachio nut, cranberry and white chocolate bark
- Homemade peanut butter and confetti cookies


Most people would usually leave the scones last since it's the one that easily makes one full. I love how Portico offers a petite scone, a little bit here and there of everything. I could still remember it was still warm when I first bite them, since it is baked freshly. It was moist and crumbly. The best thing was the accompaniment, served with 3 types of unique sauces - homemade Honey Kaya, Seasonal Preserves and Clotted Cream.

- Freshly baked california natural raisins and citrus peel scones

This was taken after we dismantle the rack, with 4 trays of food. It wasn't hard to take them down, all the wooden planks are velcro stick.

Amazed at how beautiful this place is, with high ceilings in this lush surrounding of peace and quiet. It was probably the best spot ever to chill over coffee. Adding on to this delectable high tea, this is the win. From now till 14th April 2016, you can enjoy it at a promotional price of $38+ per pax by simply following Portico on Instagram. Do make reservations early as there are only 30 sets daily. Overall, highly recommended.

Portico Prime
10 Dempsey Road
#01-20 Singapore 247700
Tel: 6474 7427
Opening Hours: High Tea 3pm - 5pm daily 
Lunch: 1130am - 3pm
Dinner: Weekdays 6pm - 1030pm, Weekends: 6pm - 1130pm
Open for drinks at 5pm

*This was an invited media tasting.

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