Tuesday 14 July 2015

[Closed] Sin Lee Foods, Jalan Bukit Ho Swee

Sin Lee Foods has always been one of my favorite place for comfort food, situated in the old estate of Jalan Bukit Ho Swee. The nostalgic looking cafe is converted from an old coffee shop and the name Sin Lee is retained from the previous stall, keeping its name and signboard. Sin Lee Foods serve unique food component unlike your usual Egg Benedict or Big Breakfast brunch fare you find in many cafes these days.

Its probably my 4th visit to Sin Lee Foods, before and after the launching of the new menu. A part of me will always be craving for something here especially its highly raved Aburi Broccoli Salad. Anyway if its your first time coming here, you may have a hard time navigating and locating Sin Lee through the old HDB estate. Just look out for the flight of stairs up to Blk 4.

The menu is pretty extensive considering the shoebox size kitchen. This menu is updated as of April 2015 offering some of the new items like Beef & Grains and Mentaiko Crab Mantou.

Starting off my caffeine fix with Cafe Latte $5.

My favourite drink at Sin Lee, here's Coconut Slushie $9. A combination of coconut jelly and coconut flakes. Imma big fan of anything coconut and this sure satisfy the crave in me.

Spam Fries $9 - Thick cut fries but meatier served with red aioli. The slight sprinkle of orange sugar adds on a nice touch to balance out the saltiness from the spam.

One of the highlight at Sin Lee, here's Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries $12. The sweet potato fries were perfectly deep-fried with the edge being crispy. The salted egg sauce complemented well with the thick cut fries with a a great balance of sweet and salty.

The kind of salad I wouldn't mind having everyday, here's Aburi Broccoli Salad $12. Smoky torched broccoli florets with white balsamic, papadum, red sugar and shaved parmesan. This is the ONE that got me coming back for more. I'm not a big fan of broccoli but this dish totally won me over. Broccoli has never tasted so good until I had this. This is a gem.

The one and only, Sin Lee's Fried Chicken and Waffle $21.90. The juicy boneless chicken leg were marinated in prawn paste also known locally as Har Cheong Gai. The iron waffle belongs to the crispy yet slightly dense within. The house slaw on top adds on the moisture to the waffle but it can get too soggy if you take too long for photo taking. The melted maple butter on the other hand adds on a zest of sweetness to the chicken which I particularly don't fancy.

Paying more than 20 bucks for this may be slightly too much for a chicken and waffle. But then again all prices are nett so I guess its worth trying!

Another popular main here, a Japanese inspired dish - Beef & Grains $25. The seared marbled striploin (180 grams) is served medium rare pink and I swear the tender beef was really good. Its interesting that wet orzo 'rice' is used which gave an extra crunch.

Also topped with runny free range hen's egg, sweet sour ginger, furikake and scallions. The Japanese seasoning was a tad too salty and it can get quite jerlak towards the end, but nevertheless it is still a good eat. This is definitely best for sharing.

Tried one of their desserts, Banana Beignets $9.50. This is rather similar to local snack, Goreng Pisang. The rendition at Sin Lee has a great balance of sweet and savoury, with fried bananas served with condensed milk and topped off with grated parmesan. Sinful yet shiok.

*UPDATE: New Items as of September 2015

Glad to find new interesting items sprouting from the existing innovative menu of Sin Lee! Here's the Chinese Wedding Squid $14. A mix of fried baby squid in house made sweet glaze, accompanied with range hen's egg mayo. katsuobushi and toast.

To put in words, this dish is basically like a deconstructed takoyaki. Interesting!

Another dish on the small munchies segment and also one of my favorite! Truffled Asian Donuts $12 - crisp asian doughnut, crimini mushroom & 'hazelnut' butter puree, white truffle oil, grated parmesan, sweetened milk and housemade pesto. Not the best looking dish but do not be deceive by it. Sinful but so damn good.

Newly added main is the Skillet Roasted Pork Chop $23, skillet roasted free range pork chops in housemade dijon sauce, topped with sunny side up and peranakan acar. The pork chop is cooked in a interesting food processing method - Brining!

Brining is a process similar to marination in which meat or poultry is soaked in brine before cooking. The meat may look pink within but do not fear that it is uncooked. The pink 'ham' looking pork is caused by the method of cooking. I personally love it because fully cooked pork tend to be dry and tougher. This medium rare texture makes it tender and so much juicer.

For desserts, one of the newly added sweets. Here's Earl Grey Tiramisu $13, caramelised milk soaked sponge fingers, housemade earl grey steeped mousse and fresh berries! A prime example of 'do not judge a book by its cover'. Comfort food indeed.

Next we have the Warm Banana & Walnut Cake 'French Toast' $11. Custard soaked banana cake slice pan roasted in butter, topped with vanilla ice cream and caramelised burnt banana. The overall dish tasted very sweet especially with the caramelised bananas topped with caramel sauce. While on the other hand, the walnut cake was moist and soft. Pretty good!

The new legendary dessert here at Sin Lee, The Durian Waffle $17. All squares on top of the waffle is filled with pure mao shan wang durian flesh. Topped with coconut ice cream, coconut jelly, condensed milk and coconut flakes. A balanced in taste, love how the durian taste did not overwhelm the coconut ice cream. Waffle wise, felt that it could be better in texture.

I was won over by the creativity on the dishes, a fusion of many. And I guess this is what sets Sin Lee Foods apart from the rest of the cafes out there serving the usual stuff.

The common complain that I usually hear for Sin Lee is the steep price tag. But its something I wouldn't mind if the dishes are of good quality and tasty. I guess more hipsters were to flock here if the prices are more affordable, but then again this is not your ordinary cafes out there. 

Anyway, thank you chef-owner, Sean for the warm hospitality whenever we are there :)

Sin Lee Foods
Blk 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 162004
Tel: 6377 3170
Opening Hours: Tues-Sat, 10am-9pm
Sunday: 930am-6pm
Closed on Monday


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