Wednesday 6 January 2016

[Relocated] Froth Cafe Weekend Brunch Menu, BIG Hotel Singapore

It's been awhile since my last visit with Froth, when they just opened last year. Recently, I'm back at Froth Cafe again for their newly launched weekend brunch menu. So stoked to see what they have come up with after their taro waffles went rival on social media the last time. The new brunch menu will be available every weekend from 1130am to 10pm. Good news for those who can't wake up early :p

2016 July UPDATE: *Froth has relocated to Ascott Raffles Place

A better view of the extensive brunch menu. Most mains are $20 and above.

Speculoos Milkshake $10.90, sweet tooth will love this!

Their new coffee flavoured drink, Salted Caramel Latte $6.50. This cup isn't to my liking because it is overly sweet that it overpowers the coffee aroma.

Among Froth's beverages, this is one that stands out among the rest - Coffee Jelly $7.50. The most bottom is the coffee jelly and topped with milk, then served in a mason jar. Pretty interesting.

We started off with appetizers from the menu, here's Roast Duck Salad $11.90. A mix of smoked duck breast, truffle foam, cherry tomatoes, sliced peaches, orange, radish, raisins, mint leaves and watercress. However, couldn't really taste the truffle foam and all that vegetables and fruits didn't quite work out for me. The saving grace was the roast duck breast, tender and good!

Another appetizer we had is the Escargot Vol Au Vents $12.90. Garlic butter escargots, carrot puree, crushed nuts, miso glaze and soil that is made from coffee powder. Plus points for plating but I personally feel it didn't quite match up to it's price at $12.90. The garlic butter taste could be more distinctive.

For mains, this is eggs Benedict with an asian twist. Here's Pork Belly Egg Benedict $20.90, coconut braised pork belly, poached eggs topped on english muffin and drizzle with homemade salted egg hollandaise sauce. Indeed, it sounds promising.

Pork belly texture was good, though couldn't taste any hint of coconut. The salted egg hollandaise didn't quite work out, tasted rather tame in reality. It felt as though it's full potential in this dish has yet to be unleashed.

Another promising main, Rosti & Fried Chicken $20.90. Nicely pan-fried rosti, salted egg battered fried chicken and drizzle over with homemade potato jam. Fried chicken wise, as usual couldn't tell it's salted egg battered. Otherwise, the homemade potato jam was pretty interesting. The sweet and savoury kind of taste in this dish makes it enjoyable. Wish the portion was bigger with it's steep pricing.

Capped off the meal with desserts, something I have been looking forward while dining at Froth. Yet another taro dessert, here's Taro Pancakes Stack $16.90 topped with candied yam bits. This is the same taro sauce they use previously for their taro waffles.

The pancakes are infused with taro paste which also explains why it's dense and slightly dry. 
Overall decent I would say, taro lovers will love this one.

Another dessert that incorporate creative ways in it, here's French Toast Cube $19.90. Broiche cube that has a scoop of ice cream stuffed within, flavour of your choice. After it is topped with strawberries, fried bananas, fried mars bars and speculoos angliss.

Indeed it is creative to have the ice cream stuffed within as well as many other ingredients at the side, but there wasn't a flavour to focus at in this clustered dish. The toast could be more buttery and be sure to take your photos fast before it melts within. Sometimes being overly creative in food can be back fired, not all things gel well together. Overall I would fancy a sharper and grittier taste for this.

The new weekend brunch menu at Froth is pretty extensive though most of the items need more work and adjustments. If the brunch menu didn't quite work out for you, you may want to try out their weekday menu here. No doubt that most of the dishes are instagram-worthy, but it's hits < misses overall.

Froth Cafe
200 Middle Road B1-02
BIG Hotel
Singapore 188980
Tel: 6336 1228
Opens 11:30am-10pm daily

*This was an invited media tasting.

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